How do you feel about Halo?

I love Halo still but I’ve waiting for a great Halo single player experience for a while now, Halo 4 and 5 weren’t bad by any means, I enjoyed them but not as much as the Bungie Halos, I hope Infinite is finally the game I’ve been waiting for from 343i and so far I can say I think the gameplay looks way better than both 4 and 5 did.

Halo has a special place in my heart.

I loved playing all of them.

Halo MP on PC in my vains

Halo 3 will always have a special place in my heart. I remember getting home for school running to the fridge and grabbing a drink and something to eat, then I would go in my room turn my tv on and my 360 on and launch Halo 3. Soon as I went online I would always get a party invite from friends and we would play for hours. I would play till dinner time and I would get off to eat dinner but eat fast so I can go back on and play with my friends haha.

We would always play custom games and I remember playing this mode where a chopper would have to run us down and we had obstacles to move to progress. I just remember so clearly being in game chat with a bunch of friends and ransoms screaming their lungs out while this chopper was smashing into the walls trying to hit us. It was always hilarious when you hear your friend screaming then they went quiet as they died haha.

JENGA TOWER that is all.

The amount of times I got told off by my dad, telling me to stop yelling late at night on the weekends were also funny.

Halo is my favourite gaming franchise, I didn’t even get into the online co-op with a friend on every Halo with online co-op. I have loved every single Halo even 5, I know don’t shoot me. I played halo 4 late as during that time I was so hooked on COD.

Halo Infinite is super hype and I cannot wait. I hope we get good forge and custom game browser at launch this time.

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I remember back in 2002 buying an Xbox bundle mainly for Max Payne and have it come with this game called Halo id never heard of at the time. I ended up being disappointed by Max Payne and eventually decided to give Halo a try and I went from zero interest in the game to absolutely loving it! From that moment I became a fan of the series (and discovered how big a launch title it was!). The peak of excitement for the series was probably Halo 3…I even remember skipping college just to play it on launch day :rofl:

Fast forward to today…and it’s definitely a series I’m still interested in. Soon as a blog or trailer or artwork is released I’m instantly going to click to see the latest stuff. In terms of actual games I’ve not enjoyed the last few as much I must admit. Halo 4 campaign was okay at best (I did like the shift in tone) and Halo 5’s campaign was disappointing especially after how 343 talked it up pre release.

If Infinite disappoints I’ll probably just view the franchise from afar so to speak. If a Halo 6 trailer gets released I’ll obviously watch it but I won’t have that excitement I used to have. That said, while 343 do talk a good game a lot, I have a feeling they’ll finally nail it with Inifinte. I’m not saying it’ll be a 95% rated game but I think they’ll come out with a game that is more or less loved by folks that play it (whereas with Halo 4 and 5 you get that split opinion/indifference).

Special place in my heart.