How can MS justify releasing games on PS5 when Sony is paying off half the industry to keep games away from Xbox?

Pretty much. I know some people will point out that Microsoft has published other games onto other platforms but when you analyse it, is it that many?

It is only Minecraft, Ori and Cuphead that have appeared on other platforms. Now with Minecraft it is because it is its own platform in of itself and is simply bigger than Xbox and with Cuphead it is because Microsoft doesn’t own the IP and clearly had a deal with the developer. Ori it is because it is a game that translates very well to the Switch.

Other than that we haven’t seen any other game appearing on other platforms despite the fact that some, like Sea of Thieves, actually would make sense because it is unique and is a GaaS.

I therefore don’t see any particular compelling evidence that Bethesda IPs will appear on PlayStation going forward apart from games that would really benefit being on as many platforms as possible like ESO.

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They were already in talks about Starfield exclusive deals, not to mention FF remakes being exclusive, and the whole Spiderman avengers debacle. Like, this has to be an actual joke.

I say lock down everything to just Xbox/PC. Yes, that would include Elder Scrolls and Fallout. What? Do you think Xbox playing nice by releasing those big games to PS would cause them to change their ways? If you think that, then you haven’t been gaming long enough with Sony.


MS doesn’t give a shit about Sony, Sony’s PlayStation revenue is a blip on their balance sheet. MS is going to worry about amazon and google and to do that they’ll need to entrench their brand across all platforms

Also from a coporate perspective given that Sony is now paying for azure servers to power PlayStation and other services I’d say MS wants them to succeed to a point because they make more money on the backend as well as the money they make publishing the games they choose to publish

But I think it will only be fallout and elder scrolls that remain public properties. Everything else will be pc and Xbox

Oh man, i am so, so glad the Starfield deal didn’t go through, whether they just couldn’t come to a agreement or it was pending or whatever…it’s a real good thing. I knew it, when Imran Khan a few months ago said what he said and also SweetNicole about a game in space with weapons…i just knew it.

If they had this deal just like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo i really would have been goddamned sad, i can’t deny that. Maybe because it’s a huge, huge game MS would have made an exception and tried to get the deal gone (which they don’t for Deathloop and Ghostwire) but maybe they would have honored it too.

Thankfully we are not in such a situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbh while I don’t Ms will remove games already launched I doubt that for now on anything will not be exclusive.

Neither of the Bethesda games (except Teso) is a platform so unlike Minecraft that made sense into keeping building on that even on the spin offs (also we know Mojang wanted to have a say into platform support when they agreed to the acquisition while Zenimax already said they are OK with that being Ms call).

I guess it will depend on Xbox + PC + Xcloud own milestones, because I doubt Ms would have want to send the games to die too, but imo they are clearly ensuring exclusive content for their whole ecosystem.

Had a humorous thought about an unlikely scenario regarding Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo timed exclusivity:

“That means that the titles will not come to the Xbox family of consoles at launch, but may still come to PC via Xbox Game Pass.”

It would be really funny if they still released on Xcloud day 1 and were streamable to Xbox consoles that way. I know that’s never gonna happen but it tickled me.

I think they do care about Sony, just not as much as they did in the past. I do think this purchase was a response from Google, Amazon and Sony. MS is still making consoles and they want them to sell. While Game Pass is the bigger goal, MS still wants to sell their consoles especially for the 3rd party revenue. I wouldnt have a hard time believing that MS bought Bethesda in response to Sony signing 1 year exclusivity deals.

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Amazon’s Luna runs off of Windows 10 as well. But I do think they will not release games on Sony platforms if Sony refuses to allow them to grow their platform there through Xbox Live.

Talks fell apart in 2018 but resumed this Summer. They already have great RPG and Shooter studios. This was no coincidence.

Oh that is interesting. I think MS is more threatened by Amazon then they are Google since Stadia isnt doing to hot and Google lacks the content. So MS probably got wind of Luna and also probably heard a lot about Sony signing deals. They probably just said “Fuck this” and bought Bethesda. I dont think MS is interested in getting pushed around anymore by Sony and especially Amazon.