How can MS justify releasing games on PS5 when Sony is paying off half the industry to keep games away from Xbox?

Reading up on the latest MGS remake rumors, apparently it’s another console exclusive for PS5. That makes it the 5. game to skip Xbox. Is it too far fetched to assume they have more of those deals cooking? Probably not. They have been chummy with Epic as of late so it wouldn’t surprise me if they get timed exclusivity with the 3 games Epic signed with Remedy, Playdead and Gen Design. Let’s be generous and assume they only got the Remedy game.

That would push timed exclusives for 2021 and beyond to 6 titles. This is just the stuff that is public. Seeing how Sony has been setting their sights on Starfield, it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried their luck with other big pubs like Ubisoft.

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Depends on if they want to be the “bigger man” so to speak. But I’d say expect no commitment to other consoles at launch for this exact reason.

Starfield. everywhere that isn’t PlayStation.

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Reeeelaaaaaaaax its just a rumor, even if they got timed exclusivity who gives a shit? The game will eventually come to Xbox, probably even to Game Pass and for purchase for a much cheaper price

Also its funny how people hammered a Silent Hill rumor and now moved on to an MGS remake rumor lmao

Konami is just going to make pachinko machines, get over it already lol


The mere value proposition speaks for itself if they get Game Pass deals and keep staying low with the Series S prices and high with its stocks. When other games are starting to cost 80 Euros and the other next-gen alternatives cost 60% more than the S too, that cheap monthly sub on a relatively cheap hardware is gonna look real good, especially with the possibility of carrying all your stuff over to your mobile phone.

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I think, most people don’t even know about the 80€ games yet. The sticker shock will come round xmas shopping - and I expect the conversation to turn sharply then.

Hell, the entire console price is gonna shock some folks. From what we hear, the disc-to-digital ratio for PS5 is about 6:1 in terms of console units. A lot of folks are gonna go in expect to buy a 399 console with a 70 Euros game or two, probably staying under 500 all in all. Then they’ll probably have to look at a 499 console (as digital will be sold out) with games costing 80 Each, coming in just short of 700 essentially if you go for 2 games. Alternatively, you can pick up Series S and give Game Pass a shot, and you spent less than half for a month or 3 of that. For folks that play FIFA, COD, Minecraft, Rocket League, Fortnite and the likes, whether the box says PlayStation or Xbox is not all that relevant.

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Fully concur.

In addition, IMO Microsoft needs to advertise the fact, that you get an automatic discount on FIFA etc when you have GamePass hard.

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Yeah, that and the Game Pass discount need to be mentioned big time. On EA Play you can get the penultimate FIFA or get the latest one cheaper than elsewhere. For Microsoft games, you can play them on the Pass or buy them way cheaper than they are at retail, too. For an all-digital console it’s a huge deal.

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Ideally, I’d want Microsoft to release all of their games on all capable platforms - but other platform holders should do that with their games as well. There needs to be reciprocity, and at the absolute minimum, third party deals that hurt owners of certain platforms need to end (the exception would be deals with smaller studios who would otherwise struggle with funding their projects; when it comes to big publishers, such deals are extremely rarely justified).

I’m all for MS leading by example, and I’m glad that they’ve been doing exactly that. However, for such actions to have a proper enlightening impact, they have to be coming from the position of power and actual market leadership. Unfortunately, the actual industry leader has spent most of this generation doing their best to stifle such progress and change, instead focusing on protecting their own interests at the expense of everyone else’s (even their own audience’s at times, as exemplified by their approach to cross platform play, BC, cross gen upgrades, and so on). By now it’s become pretty obvious that Sony will have to be humbled into playing nice with others.

I think that Microsoft should first and foremost leverage their resources, including their new studios, in a way that would allow them to increase their influence and protect their own customers. Once the effects of Sony’s harmful practices have been largely marginalized, they can continue with tearing down the walls of first party exclusivity - spread the love, by all means. Of course, there’s always the possibility that they would abandon their progressive ways having attained the leadership position - in fact, if history has taught us anything, it’s that it’s pretty much an inevitability. Although I have a good feeling about Satya, Phil, and the rest of the team that they’ve assembled, strong competition is always a good thing in any field. That’s one of the main reasons why I don’t want to see Sony crushed or anything like that, just brought to reason.

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I can actually see Xbox announcing a heavy hitter like Starfield as just “coming to Xbox and PC” and then a certain release date. No word on PS or Switch or whatsoever. Testing the waters if hardcore fans of BGS (but also ID, Arkane, Tango) are indeed deciding to subscribe to Game Pass. If they do, great, and then after a few months, maybe year MS can STILL announce it for PS5. They can truly do this for all of Bethesda’s games.

It makes zero, absolutely zero sense for MS to release these games day one across all platforms, when they can try and see how many people decide to either get a Xbox or subscribe to GP. And if that increase is more than enough, who knows, maybe the games will all stay exclusive 100%.

I think people should wait and see what actually happens. But Satya Nadella isnt signing these cheques cause he wants xbox sales to be higher than ps5 sales, he is signing these cause he believes in gamepass and becoming the “netflix of games”. If microsoft games end up on ps5 it’s gonna be cause they became so big that Sony finally provides a lot of concessions they want.

Yep. I ponied up for a PS5 and am committed to

a) Sharing games with friends b) Going on Kijiji and buying used new games for $20 off c) Waiting for the seasonal crazy sales

That is true. But even if they do plan on supporting PS5 I really don’t think it will be on day one. Test the waters with a BGS game because those games (except Fallout 76) remain their best sellers and see how GP subs increase. And then 6 months or a year later bring it to PS5. All the folks that wanted to play it day one are already there on GP (because of the many other games) and MS also receives a cut from PS5 copies.

That way it’s really win win for Xbox if you ask me.

Well it’s not about feelings or fairness. It’s a business decision. If Phil Spencer decides that Bethesda games on PlayStation furthers Microsoft’s business goals, it will happen. But right now the goal is to steer players into the Xbox ecosystem whether they play on an Xbox console or on Xcloud. Unless that goal changes in the future, it’s hard to see how selling Beth games on PlayStation aligns.

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They won’t (release them there, I mean).

I’d rather take Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI thank you very much. :slight_smile:

It seems odd but it’s best to try to not think of Minecraft as an Xbox property, their goal with that game is global spread with no boundaries; certainly helped that it was on PS consoles when they purchased the company but it benefits the IP and makes it infinitely accessible. And hey, that game no doubt helped sway public opinion on crossplay so maybe think of it like a Trojan Horse of sorts. It’s led to them having a game studio in China and Japan, so it’s opening lots of doors while printing money.

With that said, MS should probably just start doing the same thing as Sony, if they want to gobble up AAA games with moneyhats and pointless timed exclusives, MS should do the same with IP associated with their brand. Makes sense.

I always say this: Minecraft isn’t only a game, it’s one of the few games (if not the only one) that it’s a platform on itself. That’s why it’s an exception.

After Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo, the only games that will be on PlayStation 5 will be Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 76. Everything else will be exclusive to the XBOX eco-system.