Hot Chips 32, XSX Architecture Deep Dive

I did forget Jason’s comments, but he was sharing off the cuff murmurs he heard from dev sources. I do wonder how that all came to be. klee’s background was games journalism too iirc, so maybe these journalists just all knew the same ppl saying this stuff, and maybe the devs were misunderstanding what MS was telling them? /shrugs

It just goes on to show that it is always best to wait for official information at the end of the day.


I’m all for insiders sharing info personally. My main thing is that I’m looking for as much credible info as possible and ways to make that all fit together. I’d rather assume everyone is being honest about what they convey to forumites and only question motives if there is reason to, but generally I try finding ways to explain false claims as simple misunderstandings. Especially when it is technical claims from folks who aren’t tech heads like typical game journalists.

Anyhow, real excited to see XSX flex its muscle this gen. It sounds like the most robustly well designed system that I can think of.

Oh, that Jason SchrezzzZZZZzzzzZZZZRONC!

Indeed. You’ve said it all.


Not gonna lie it was rather glorious when the PS5 was announced as a 10tf box. There was lot of talk of it being 14tf and having HBM2 RAM lol. However in some places the narrative was reset and all if a sudden it was all about the SSD lol.


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It’s also funny how they wanted HBM2 so bad, where Xbox’s Q&A showed us HBM2 might not beat GDDR6 in this use case, specifically:

Q: With 20 channels GDDR6, is that really cheaper than 2 stacks HBM?

A: We’re not religious about which DRAM tech to use. We needed the GPU to have a ton of bandwidth. Lots of channels allows for low latency requests to be serviced. HBM did have an MLC model thought about, but people voted with their feet and JEDEC decided not to go with it.

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We have to differentiate between speculation -which was fine - and spreading incorrect specs as insight information. The whole HBM and whatsoever else technology was based on speculation and technology trends, not on claims from (fake) insiders. So I am totally okay with it that people tested the chances for HBM2 and such. But the whole worshipping of insiders (and their truly not valid information) got out of hand especially in 2 places.


I guess it can go either way.

With the difference between SX and SS being just the gpu (around half of SX soc) and Lockhart having half the gpu size the soc would actually only be around 70-75% of the size of SX.

That sounds like close enough that the discarded chips can be used, and I imagine between SX, Lockhart and Azure they might get near 100% of what’s produced.

On the other hand, with a custom chip for Lockhart they might reduce it even further so the savings would offset that other scenario.

NGL I find it extremely interesting how quiet it is about those claims, almost as if people just let it go quiet quickly. Don’t even get me started on the Youtube clickbait vids. The weird thing is there was no backlash and almost seemed like they got away with saying shit like that and now everyone is ok with the lower spec.

Shit like this

ANYWAY, are we expecting any videos from DF about all this new hot chip stuff? I’m too dumb to understand anything that was said haha.


From what I understand the first PS5 dev kit were around 13tflop GCN, and not the actual PS5 chip. People then conflated that with the PS5 chip.

Klee was just full of it. History has shown there was no tech sheet in existence that would have shown the PS5 more powerful than the XSX. Him along with Osiris Black got shown up as the frauds they were.


That’s why you stick to hard evidence instead of “insider” gospel if you have that kind of information.
GitHub was right. Those were indeed the console SOCs being tested.


Bu But Klee said or Matt said, or Reiner… They were even believing Tommy Fisher from GAF when he was talking about an 11tf console. Then when the github nightmare became real life, the very thing that has excited a lot of people since 2013 (tfs), became a joke to talk about because an SSD was all that you need. I got banned from ERA for saying that people should be skeptical about insiders in the next-gen speculation threads. Who wants to listen when someone is big-in up your favourite console? Especially when their darling was also a mod at the time… I did make reference to his one line ambiguous posts too.


Typical from that people.

I want to remind everyone here that we don’t want drama on the forums. Discussing the topic at hand is great, but let’s not turn this into a thread where we discuss insiders. Nothing of fruition will come from that.


Yeah I am sorry for continuing the derail…

The XSX is a beast, beacon of tech full of next gen features and other surprises. Screams premium quality. At 399$ could be insane!

The XSX is a beast :slight_smile: they not only surpassed Sony design, they surpassed many expectations. I remember it was laughed at of hearing a 10+ tf gpu let alone a rdna 2.0 gpu haha yet MS calmly releases specs of a 12.155tf full rdna2.0 gpu with zen2 8c/16th cpu and fast memory. I knew once we saw the console design, it was going to be a meaty apu

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