Holidays gaming memories!

The holidays have started and I figured we can all share some cool gaming memories, nice little positive thread during these times.

I specifically remember one Thanksgiving/Black Friday, I’m not sure why I vividly remember this one time but its one of my fondest holiday memories yet it’s also the most boring holiday memory.

During the 360/Ps3 era I used to work at the Target. I was probably in my early 20s. The first Mass Effect game had recently come out. I remember having to be at work at 4am in preparation of the store opening for sales. Back then working the day after thanksgiving wasn’t too bad, we got paid time and a half and we’re provided with a ton of catered food. Plus it’s so busy the only real work we did was walk around the store helping customers or standing in areas directing lines.

Going in at 4am meant I would be out of work by 10:30am or 11am. I remember getting home as my mom and siblings were getting ready to go out shopping. I grabbed myself some left over Turkey, went to my room and continued playing Mass Effect.

I vividly remember getting to a planet and driving the Mako looking for minerals. The dumbest thing in the game, but that memory is seared in my mind as an awesome holiday. And now I’ve for some reason connect Mass Effect with thanksgiving/Christmas.

It’s strange, I cherish that memory and it’s not even like it’s an exciting one, but it reminds me of simpler days. It’s one of my favorite holiday memories for some reason.