Haven is low-key great. Don't sleep on it

Gliding game + Visual Romance Novel + Farming Sim + Turn Based Combat + Super Mario Sunshine.

Play it.

It’s wonderful.


It’s on me list!

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Good to hear! Damn gamepass members be straight EATING this month.

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I have Haven, Dragon Quest 11 and River City girls ready to go. I’m not sure which one to play first.

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For me add to the above Control which I am playing the last few days (really great game btw!), Call of the Sea and Star Renegades…:nerd_face:

It’s on my backlog. It does look very interesting.

So many great games play! I have it installed on the hard drive, it is in my play list like Dragon Quest, Star Renegades, Call of Sea andcControl. Currently playing Valhalla and with Cyberpunk this week, I’m going to need to build a schedule this holiday to play everything I want! Damn you Gamepass!!!


Definitely a game I’m planning to pick up, I just have to adjust my time on other games to include it(although tetris effect is not something I am putting a lot of time into, as I have never been good at tetris).

Gamepass players be like : our backlog is so great :laughing:

I don’t have a back log, I just play games 5-7 games 10-30 minutes each in one session. Thanks to Quick Resume, I don’t miss a beat and the crazy thing is I still have an endless supply of games to play when I’m done.

Started it in coop with the wife, I suppose we did the first 60-90 minutes. Pretty much hated it…

Does it gets more complex or you just glide and listen to them talk?

There’s combat too. Did you not come across those instances?

Just played it for a bit. Loved it so far.

Not yet! Or we somehow avoided them?

yeah lol you probably avoided them or just didn’t run into any for some reason. I have seen some combat instances in a live gameplay session, it looked pretty good, but it’s turn based, JRPG style combat. It does add some compexity and challenge to the game if that’s what you were after.

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Alright, I suppose we’ll give it another go. I just didn’t really understand what the whole point was lol Floating around picking up stuff, then listening to their cheezy dialogues XD

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lol it’s definitely very “young adult romance novel” vibes, but tbh that’s something rather rare to come by these days, very few if any have this sort of a dynamic going so I guess that’s a novelty they rode on. I was initially reluctant of trying it out but watched a stream of it yesterday on ID@Xbox and it looked, played and sounded pretty cool so will check it out sometime this week when I resub to game pass lol.

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Yeah, I was a bit disappointed by the visuals on Series X but it doesn’t look bad. Call of the Sea has some nice visuals, in the same kind of art style.

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Tested it for a bit, got up to the part where you move the ship after collapsing.

Not sure how I feel about the game yet XD

It’s very slow paced at first but you can tell they will be adding more mechanics as you go. The date sim elements are a miss and hit for me as well, I don’t usually like that but they spaced it well and there seems to be an interesting story behind.