Halo |OT2| Preparing to Drop?


It’s more. Over 2000 in Halo 5. Almost 500 in Infinite (if you include the tech test). A couple hundred in MCC.

Yeah, I got a Halo problem. I’ve been in the Waypoint forums and part of the bitch fest at times over the years. I report from the inside!

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Hey what if they canned Workshop support in favor of MTX

Why be worried about hypotheticals?

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These optional MTX is all that matters.

The fact that there’s no ranked slayer or doubles is infuriating. I’m so damn tired of being put into matches with teammates that won’t play the objective.

This is 343’s fault. Let people choose !!!

There should be team arena Slayer ranked Doubles ranked FFA ranked


Really hoping they fix the custom games bugs in the next drop pod.

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Why is this for MCC and not for Infinite? lol


Slipspace engine feels like it’s being held together by duck tape lol

You’re acting like Slipspace isn’t a superset of H:MCC.

Because MCC is supported by CE, not 343 :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s still alterations to the engine that separates itself from mcc


seeing this for MCC rather than Halo makes me feel confused. I just hope they get their stuff together next season

Infinite did not get any exclusive thing even when Halo TV series started right?

No clue I haven’t played since last man standing event

Because they can’t put in goofy cosmetics there yet, will take time and you know how poorly it will be received no matter what :doge:


They already have goofy cosmetics in there and they already get received poorly as it is.

They’re probably just too busy or the timing isn’t right I guess.

there is nothing close to this level, it all still “fits” the spartan or future aesthetics no matter how colorful

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I wouldn’t peg cat anime ears as something that fits the spartan aesthetic and yet it’s most likely the most bought item in the store lol.