Halo |OT2| Preparing to Drop?

I think the most annoying thing about isn’t actually the shit talking in the thread itself, but my inability to “fight back” as i’m not elitist enough to have a private email and be vetoed in by someone else to the discussions with that site.

I just have to sit in silence reading through the BS and hottakes form certain individuals that clearly had their lunch stolen by MS and kicked in the groin for good measure.

Not to worry, they’ll love it the moment Sony finally gets future GaaS services out there. I mean in addition to the MTX grind-fest that is GT7.

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It’s also having a no attitude to everything before even seeing if it’s inherently bad, the toddler I don’t like that type of food before i’ve even smelt it let alone tried it attitude.

This is not to discredit actual predatory MTX in way too many modern games that lock out actual content from players or crawl it (they don’t need to be said as we can all guess a few)

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All, there’s a discussion to be had about the news with MCC (keeping in mind that it is optional monetization), but let’s not bring in outside drama or use it as means to console war.


I’m already seeing a growing sentiment of anxiety on there about the amount of GaaS titles Sony’s cooking, and plenty of posts dissatisfied about GT7. The botched new PS+ service has been criticised pretty thoroughly too, and Jim Ryan is universally despised there. I’m not sure the current 343i thread is anti-Microsoft on the whole, more a continuation of people’s exasperation about how underwhelming Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been.

But yeah, I don’t mean to stoke inter-forum drama.

On topic, I played more Halo Infinite tonight and got banned for unsporting behaviour again. Getting owned by onyx players, literally every session I play, brings out the pettiness in me.


Sory but this ain’t gonna happen, the defense force for that game were ready the moment it launched as well as when the prices of the big boy cars increased due to (checks notes) real world inflation. It’s always an excuse on the other bluish side to justify whilst smiting any one else for trying.

It’s amazing how nobody seems to remember that TLOU had actual pay to win mechanics in it’s MP. But i digress.

Yea i don’t know whats wrong with HI, mate of mine keeps getting kicked for stability issues ( we’re on the same BT internet hub area) and for revenge team killing when someone else does it first, they obviously don’ get kicked.

Folks complaining about optional MTX for content they may wish to skip grinding for are making a mountain out of an optional molehill…but equally, 343 really really need to learn to read the room. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, read the room. It’s a pretty stupid room. They’re not going to get it


Tbh I’m really not convinced they could ever have avoided vitriol over an announcement like this. Be it if they announced it a few months ago, a few months from now, or even at a later date.

Why? Because the ones most vocal about their hate are people who don’t even, and haven’t at all recently, play the game. They see “343” and “MTX” and that’s all they need.

343 supported MCC for years and years. Yes the game launched in an abysmal state, but they’ve more than made up for that even a couple years ago, let alone now. The people who say things like “343 don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt!” here would be saying that exact same thing even if there was another 2 years of completely MTX free support for the game.


This is going to come off as dismissive but their complaints are all dismissive so they don’t want an open discussion. Those upset over optional Dress Up Barbie portions of games that have no impact on the gameplay need to grow up and shut up.


The M392 Bandit has leaked for Infinite, and it seems to be the DMR, as Reach uses those numbers. I believe they said we would get new sandbox items for Season 3 so I think it’s reasonable to assume this is a new Season 3 weapon.


Leaks for this game are so weird. In that, there are so many of them, but we have such little idea of when the various things will appear. Or even if they will appear at all.

But DMR for season 3? Now that would be exciting.


Sad to see that d-sync is still sooo bad this far after launch. It’s the worst of any AAA shooter I’ve played In the last decade.

I play at 120fps, with very low ping and it’s still terrible. Sucks to be 3 steps around a corner and still getting headshot.


I feel this.

It’s annoying for sure, but I also experience it the other way around - as in, I try to headshot someone, I think they get behind cover just in time, but it still gives me the headshot. Probably balances out?

Oh I’m sure it balances out. But if feels really cheap. It’s far more noticeable in ranked because everyone has BR’s. Also more annoying when ur playing ultra competitive onyx ranked matches. When I’m playing social and more relaxed it’s not a big deal.

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I feel you on this. It’s not every game…but it’s too many of them. For some reason, it seems to be worse when my ping is lowest…so it’s a netcode, server, or ISP prioritization issue…but it doesn’t happen this frequently in other games. I also play at 120fps, wired, open nat, with high upload/download speeds. I’ve experienced more desync at 25ms when than when I’ve over 200 ms playing with UK friends so it’s not tied to ping.

It’s the #1 thing they need to sort out before their content is finally ready and they bring people back to the game.

As someone who’s been part of the community for years, I agree that the Halo base has been extremely vitriolic and toxic. It gets exhausting and honestly is the worst part of being a Halo fan. That said, I’d argue it’s worse today than it was at this point for Halo 5. Austin Ford and I recorded a Drop Pod over a month ago where I said I was really bullish on Staten turning it around…and called out the fact there’s already been a significant change to leadership positions that impact the game…but I can’t deny that the backlash and lack of confidence in 343 have expanded beyond the usual suspects and that they’ve been on a cold streak in terms of missteps and making decisions that would have predictable backlash. In a vacuum, the MCC cosmetics thing is a nothing burger but considering the temperature in the room, there’s never been a worse time to see if they can squeeze more margin from the base.