Halo |OT2| Preparing to Drop?

I mean, of course the rank will drop as they don’t release new content.

Honestly, the fact that it’s still in the top 20 seven months later, despite the lack of content and major pillars of the game missing or being broken half the time, just shows me the potential it has when they finally get their shit in order.


It’s just screnshots of our spartans, come on…

Dont be like that.


We still allowing the whole “x studio should be shut down” talk here?

@branthrax if you don’t like halo Infinite, then you could just… Not play.

Foreign concept, I know.


Guys like this should be abolished

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I haven’t played infinite nearly as much the last few months. Last season In ranked I hit onyx 1715. This season my skills have fallen off considerably, since I’m not playing regularly. Just squeaked my way back into onyx though.


Narrator: they were, in fact, not allowing that talk here.


Ranked is a real mess now. The moment to moment gameplay is wonderful but the matchmaking undermines it constantly. I don’t see much discussion about it here, presumably because lots of people have moved on.

I’m finding more often than not that matches involve some kind of deliberate attempt by some players to manipulate matchmaking. I played for a few hours tonight and lost count of the amount of matches with diamond/onyx players teaming up with a silver/gold player in order to get matched against plats and dominate - both the onyx player with a massive score and the silver player with a dismal score benefit from the inevitable win. Some of these are probably mates, but I’ve read that players also in fact seek each other out through Discord etc with the intention of manipulating the match to their advantage. In one game of Oddball, the onyx/diamond/silver team deliberately dropped the ball at 99 points and started toying with players on my team, who kept rushing in earnestly to fight back, not realising they were being mocked and had no chance of winning from the start.

There’s also a constant turnover of brand new players still on their first ten placement matches who are somehow incredible at the game - smurf accounts, in other words, exacerbated by the game being free to play. Want a fresh start? Just make a new account and you’re up against easy players again.

Matchmaking takes much longer nowadays as well, a good few minutes between games, I guess because fewer people are playing, and which I assume disrupts matchmaking balance even further, a smaller pool of players creating greater disparity in skill between those eventually selected.

Somehow when I switch on the Series X I still find myself in the mood for some matches, because the gameplay is so good, but it only takes a game or two to spot the same patterns (one dominating player with huge score, one player with minuscule score etc) and remember that ranked is a frustrating experience in its current state.

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Knottian strikes again.


I assume many players who participate on forums simply don’t play ranked for fun.

I would have thought that was exactly who was playing it. If forum nerds like us aren’t playing ranked, who on earth is?

Folks who dont spend time for general forums. They’re busy playing matches in Leagues or doing Twitch / YT Streams or practicing / scrimaging with team mates. Any time they spend on forums are direct official forums (for example direct official Gears or Destiny etc) and not generalist sites like *Era or *Gaf.


I’m a onyx level player, who only plays halo for ranked. From my experience online forums like this one isn’t the place for ranked discussion. No one ever talks about that kind of stuff, and I don’t get reply when I talk about it.

These kind of forums are for campaign, social mp, and apparently battlepass talk.

To the issue ur describing yes I notice it. Apparently so does 343 because they recently announced that they are combating it by not letting people play together if their skill rank is too far apart.

I’m mixed on it. It will definitely improve ranked play but it has the potential to drag out the wait between matches. Especially for people who are onyx 1650 and above. Also I like to play with my step son and this will probably prevent it.


Yep. When I was deep into League, I didn’t talk about it at all on forums. Just a few reddit threads and with the friends I played with.

On topic though, completely dominated a LSS match last night. Which felt great after doing terrible when playing with @AustinFordGames .

I really think the mode has a lot of potential. Hopefully they’re working on a few tweaks to release soon with it.


Yep. I saw the mcc news, and figured it makes sense they’re adding options to purchase their passes now. Hopefully they just the revenue to continue development on the game.

I told myself I wouldn’t check the online takes on this because I’m sure how basically everyone would handle “343” and “mtx”.

Ended up succumbing and checking some other places and sigh… I legitimately think people just don’t like the hobby anymore, but they’re too scared to realize.

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I think it’s more that they don’t like what the hobby is turning into in some respects, and I sympathise with that. No one is obligated to like microtransactions.

It’s not about liking mtx.

It’s about someone’s default state when discussing games being miserable.


I think the most annoying thing about isn’t actually the shit talking in the thread itself, but my inability to “fight back” as i’m not elitist enough to have a private email and be vetoed in by someone else to the discussions with that site.

I just have to sit in silence reading through the BS and hottakes form certain individuals that clearly had their lunch stolen by MS and kicked in the groin for good measure.

Not to worry, they’ll love it the moment Sony finally gets future GaaS services out there. I mean in addition to the MTX grind-fest that is GT7.

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