Halo |OT2| Preparing to Drop?

This has probably been posted before. But I just watched it and it’s a really well made History of Halo video. Really enjoyed this.


I really hope 343 take out the duos and have it just be solo for rank

I was eliminated before the match ended in LSS and the last two players meleed themselves into a tie with the end results as me in 1st place. Has this happen to anyone else? Does everyone get first place when this happens? Pretty funny btw.

Update: Checked my stats on Halo Tracker and it didn’t count as a win. As I thought.


Yeah that happened to me as well, and I wondered if it was because I had the highest score. So maybe the bug is tied to that?

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Man, Breaker and Catalyst are fantastic maps, I would argue the best Infinite has rn. Breaker is especially great and probably one the best maps in the whole series. LSS is also perfect on this map

I am not sure how well LSS will play on the other BTB maps due to Breaker having so many places to go into and veticality. It is why Forge should be very good for the mode because maps can be created specifically for that mode.


You could almost divide Breaker in half and, if fair spawning was figured out, could have a decent 2v2 (and maybe 4v4?) map. I’m talking about the half that doesn’t have the blue plasma pit. The area that has a lot of verticality, sectioned areas, jumping paths, open and tight spaces. I’ve had so many great battles there.

I like that part of the map so much that the half with a blue plasma pit seems less interesting. But I still have some great skirmishes there. I think if there was another, lower, set of bridges over the pit that you can have some interesting fights in it. It’s something I’d like to try to add in Forge.

It might be a coincidence but the theme of verticality is strong with both maps. We haven’t seen much of that in the first batch of maps, and they’re needed additions to make the set of maps comparable to sets of maps from previous Halo games.

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Been playing a ton of Infinite MP and having such a good time

One thing though I hope they address faster than any other change, or addition is the this deservedly maligned and self admitted issue they have been looking into for a while…the challenges

Holy shit, do I hate the way this works. Now it would be much more tolerable if I liked Last Spartan Standing as much others do, but I do not. I’m still almost 100% BTB and Team Slayer

I’m fine with how it levels up and the rewards it brings. But let us be rewarded for what we do in the modes we want to play. I never don’t have 2, usually 3 LTS challeges active at a time. And often the 4th one is for some other shit I don’t wanna play. And don’t say use your swaps. I’ve used so many that brought more of the same modes over and over and over

All we need is a setting to where you pick your favorite modes. You can pick one, or two, or more than that all the way up to All. Or you get an infinite amount of swaps to use. Reward us for playing what we like. And stop trying to force players to play what YOU want


agreed they need to make challenges more generic and achievable across of variety of mp modes without getting in the way of the objective game types. not an easy task, but i’m sure they can do it.

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I’m guessing everything has been decided going forward but I would love to see a complete overhaul that:

  • doesn’t time box weekly challenges or events: Rather, sets of challenges debut each week but are open ended, with players choosing which one they’d like to address (like with seasons). Players can choose which sets of challenges (with their rewards) to tackle. This means no FOMO and this means new players have many weeks of content to unlock. So these sets of challenges have “debut dates” which litter the calendar and give players something to look forward to without pressuring them to grind before any deadline. Debut dates needn’t start at the beginning of the week and could coincide with any date that’s relevant (a donut weapons charm set of challenges that debuts on international donut day).

  • with no time boxing, each set of challenges could in fact be 150% larger but with one more additional challenge that can be done if the player has the current season’s Battle Pass. So 4 that can be tackled for players without the BP and 6 that can be tackled if they have it.

  • persistent lifetime challenges for every weapon, equipment, map, mode, medal, & vehicle: One example that can be applied to all of the above is having a “kill 1000 Spartans with the AR” that unlocks a special AR emblem. Kill 5000 unlocks a nameplate. Kill 10,000 unlocks a charm that signifies the achievement. 25,000 unlocks a pure silver AR skin. 50K unlocks gold skin. There could be dozens of goals associated with each weapon, mode, equipment, etc and it needn’t be tied to kills. Now apply this to the “Ninja” medal for similar rewards, and you can see how your title, emblem, charms, and skins can convey to other players what sort of player you are. When you pick up an enemy’s BR off the ground and you notice a gold skull charm you know that they held the oddball for 5 hours (18,000 seconds) and you would respect that player for that accomplishment. This also rewards players for playing well beyond level 100 in any season. None of these rewards are purchasable, of course, but not none of them are incredibly intricate or fancy either (and some might look corny like a solid gold Warthog rewarded for 10,000 splatter kills). Despite their visual simplicity they would carry a lot of meaning and worth.

  • get rid of challenges like “play an oddball match” as there is no hopper that is pure oddball. It can take up to 10 matches of Quick Play to finally get into one. In fact all of the challenges should be more generic with the rewards I outlined in the last point be the motivator to socially engineer players to play different modes and to play a bit differently (a person who doesn’t usually drive the Chopper might choose to start using it because they like the title it offers when they destroy 100 vehicles with it). The “get 8000 score in X hopper” ones seem to be the most fair, and even enjoyable, challenges. The reward better performance as they would complete sooner. The other reason why challenges need to be more generic is because there is no more time boxing. Modes referenced by the challenges need to perpetually exist in hoppers. Swaps will still be useful for players that one who replaced challenges that refer to modes that they simply don’t like, but I’m leaning towards making them auto-complete challenges. This would actually encourage people to purchase them on the store, especially for new players just joining and having 30 weeks of unlockables to address.

The benefits in removing time boxed weekly events and moving towards the weekly debut of rewards tied to a set of challenges is immense for a game that may struggle with rewards content for the next year or two. A player joining the game right now would have many things to unlock and play for. In many respects setting an end date is shooting yourself in the foot as a developer. Because you put all this time and effort into creating this unlockable that is no longer accessible to players.

Plus, increasing the set of challenges for items that debut weekly and giving another slot for BP subscribers makes the BP even more valuable. And having the Swaps autocomplete challenges would make them more desirable. Since weekly items don’t really say anything about a player’s skill or dedication like the lifetime challenges I mentioned above, the idea of people paying for swaps to unlock the weekly item isn’t bothersome to other players.

Anyways this is how I would do it and I have a feeling that 343 has already come up with a solution for season 3 and will go ahead with what they designed. I just like the idea of no wasted effort from artists and programmers in these rewards and I like the idea of every single player being able to unlock them and always having something to play for. I also hate the idea of forcing FOMO with deadlines and rather make the start dates for these unlockables a celebratory thing. Along with the weekly stuff I think the flexibility given with start dates allows them to create cool items that can debut on any date. Halloween charms and skins on Halloween, Halo TV show charms on the debut of season 2, etc. People just select the rewards they want to work towards and play. When they’re done getting everything they want they can always choose any other reward and earn them. And the lifetime challenges mean that players will always be working towards something. They’ll be playing around a match and then notice that they accomplish their 1,000th “return to sender” and get a cool new title for it.

Okay so what you’ve all witnessed here is a form of procrastination where I’m doing something productive where I’m designing something but it’s not related to what I’m supposed to be doing right now so I’m basically procrastinating. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Ok back to work…


Just completed the one non-Last Spartan Standing challenge I had…and oh look, now I have 4. THAT’S JUST FUCKING SUPER :angry:


I’m also not into LSS, and after using a third of my challenge swaps I still have 3 out of 4 LSS challenges. I fell off playing again… I want to play BTB and progress my BP’s, not Last Sweaty Standing :wink:

The weeklies need to be like this week’s challenges every week, this is a good balance.

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All I really want to play is BTB, because it’s been my favorite mode since forever. But, by the time I complete all these challenges in modes I don’t care to play on, I’m too burnt out to play BTB. It’s a shame. So, it would be nice to have what you suggested.


Exactly this.

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First off I’ll accept all responsibility for being bitten by the FOMO bug. These are optional and I don’t have to do the challenges.

But I played a bit last night because I know I’ll have a busy week and knocked off 6 or so challenges (it helps to “stack” as many as you can so each match addresses multiple challenges) and then “rewarded” myself with some BTB.

But if I end up not finishing the challenges by the end of the week I’m going to be kicking myself a bit. How was I so selfish to play a mode that I had fun in? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Like I said, making these open ended can let me play for an average of 15 minutes a day for a couple weeks and then have a good 4 hour session on a weekend.

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Last Spartan Standing is great.

I’m glad they’ve added the other maps though because the other one was getting a little bit tiring.

I do still think they need to get rid of OS completely from the drop pods - it’s not a fun mechanic when it’s randomly handed out.

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Oh did they add LSS for other maps? I played some yesterday and didn’t even have the hopper available. Or is it just rolled into FFA?

Hard agree on the equipment drops, I’ve come in second so many times because I’ve outplayed an OS-wearer only for them to have another in the pocket.

I wish there was an option for LSS based on SWAT with no equipment pickups except maybe a grapple.