Halo |OT2| Forging Ahead


But seriously, to each their own.


Love my AR starts

Narrows, the one with all the jump pads and the one with the jump pad that leads to the active camo, I think they are alright

I really dislike the one that has a ghost spawn in it, sorry but any arena map should not have vehicle spawns, it’s horrible

Sorry I’m not very good with map names lol


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Agreed. The Pit is so Much worse than I remembered.

There already were 3 variants of The Pit in matchmaking before this playlist went live.

My biggest problem is that I get to play the same few maps over and over again, have had The Pit and Conctruct soooo many times but have yet to play Critical Dewpoint or High Ground after 25 or so matches.


Yeah so far the only things I can complain about is another variation of the pit… Though thankfully I’ve been able to play most of the maps pretty consistently.

Though it’s amazing how maps like lockout make oddball fun. Being able to juke over all the levels is great.

Had a lot of fun with the Halo 3 refueled playlist, brings back great memories too.

I just saw on Facebook, the voice of Halo’s multiplayer since the very beginning seems to be retiring, what a legend and what a legacy.

Edit: https://twitter.com/Drax122/status/1725586385556644252

Looks like he isn’t done voice acting!


Jeff seems to really like doing those voice lines for Halo and interacting with the Halo community. Great guy all around :slight_smile:

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Still kind of shocked that they haven’t done a Halo CE Remake, it just makes so much sense to me, we’ve seen Capcom successfully remake some of their RE classics, now EA did it with Dead Space 1 and I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 and even 3 get it eventually as well, there’s so much they could do with a Halo CE Remake too, like including some scenes from the book “The Flood” I’d do a Halo CE Remake before doing a Halo 3 anniversary remake.

I met him in NYCC. Great guy. He liked what I was wearing (Halo-Ween shirt) that he took a picture. I do like the banner. “Voice of God.”

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Well technically…


I would like to see something like Silent Cartographer Evolved, ie. plays the same/very similar. but has rearranged levels to make them fresh for old players and, more importantly, deal with their repetitiveness.


Feels like Halo 1-3 full campaign remakes would be an easy win at this point - especially with how unclear the current situation is with Halo single player titles. Get some remakes going and remind people what makes Halo so great - and support Infinite with themed content for each game while they do so.

Feels like Dead Space is probably the best example of how to handle it - at it’s core it’s the same game but they weren’t afraid to fix the parts that didn’t work, and expand upon the game in interesting ways.


It’s not unclear, they just don’t have any campaign DLC planned (which they never said they were doing in the first place). The next mainline Halo game will have a campaign of course… which has always been the case.

True but outside of what was publicly promised it seems pretty clear campaign DLC was a part of the plan and that plan has now changed, along with a number of the campaign staff being laid off and rumours they are going to ditch slipspace engine - you’re right that there will obviously be a campaign for the next Halo game but other than that there’s a lot of uncertainty.

New job post. 343i is definitely doubling down on Forge.

Multiplayer Playlist Designer | Microsoft Careers

In this role you’ll design, implement, and manage playlists that align with the needs of Halo Infinite. You’ll work with partner teams to ensure content (maps and modes) is properly represented in our playlists and aligns with scheduled game events.

You’ll also help to find, vet, and add community made Forge content to playlists, working directly with Forgers to help ensure their experiences meet expectations. As Multiplayer Playlist Designer you’ll hone your collaborative skills, utilize our internal playlist tools, and play a hands-on role that directly affects the player experience in Halo Infinite.




Is it just me or is Halo Infinite broken on PC?

‘‘infinite’’ initial loading screen, oscillating ping, desync…

It’s sad because the game is good but MP is impossible now.

It broke for me on steam (start of season 5). I had to switch to the gp app. I thought it might be just my pc.