Halo |OT2| Forging Ahead

Removing the Elites in Multiplayer will always be a mistake.

Has 343 ever given a reason for why Elites have been removed?

Hitboxes, time, effort, budget etc…

All of that stuff probably! :slight_smile:


You can tell this one was a passion project for this dude.


Well I don’t like the new game type joint ops. It’s like 343 tries to make game types that already exist with their own twist but that twist sucks.

Yep, it sucks

Just feels like gimmicky nonsense

My main issue with this is that it’s just spies vs mercs, but for whatever reason 343 thought capture the flag was a good substitute for the zone capture of the game type from Splinter Cell.

Genuine question what was the problem with halo2/3 physics and gameplay

Why did it need to be even updated. Counter-Strike proves that a classic formula is timeless. Literally just take halo2/3. And slap modern day graphics on it.

It’s never this simple lol.

Counter Strike is a very unique outlier for a reason.

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Halo is a very unique shooter as well. The gameplay was fine in 2/3. Sounds and gun designs as well.

Nostalgia is very powerful.

What feels great for us might not feel great for the new generation of gamers.

I think the physics has been fine in the new games. Halo 5 and Infinite are the best feeling Halo games(for my self) and I’ve been playing since I was a child on Halo CE.

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It’s not so much nostalgia. I played them recently. Yes 5 and infinite play as good games. But classic halo will always feel better to me. This feels more esports like.

Also the art/sounds of halo 5 was dreadful.

stop it the gameplay was not the problem for Infinite


Absolutely not, that was great.

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I really wish we could add music to these tracks

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DM Morpheus One of Unreal Tournaments best maps re-imagined in Forge.