Halo |OT| Master Chief's Breath of the Wild Moment (Part 1)

Mirrors my opinions as well. Excited for the sandbox.

Want to know more about the AI. Lee said it was a big focus with the Slipspace engine. I started replaying all the Halo’s on Legendary in order and the companion AI in Reach is driving me crazy. I get they can’t be hitting all their shots but I do hope they can at the very least pretend like they’re trying. Halo CE set the bar for AI at it’s time. Hoping Infinite can do that now.

The H5 pistol doesn’t look anything like this one.

Never said it did

Sorry - misinterpreted what you were saying.

Functionally the pistol looks fine imo, I don’t have a problem with a pistol taking a sidearm role (provided we start with a decent utility weapon in MP). It’s just the design I dislike.

On the topic of utility weapons I am mildly concerned about the commando - if Klob is right and it’s the starting weapon. I don’t particularly like the idea of an automatic weapon with headshot capabilities.

I wouldn’t worry, that commando rifle looks beastly.

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That is the worry! - it looks too good (read: easy to use)

Is a headshot capable automatic weapon going to cheapen 1v1s?

It sounded really good too.

So stoked for 120 fps in the mp. That’s going to be smooooth.

i’m gonna play the heck out of this multiplayer but i’m not liking the new guns, especially when they got rid of the iconic magnum.

Yup - a travesty :disappointed_relieved:

F to pay respecc :confused: no more magnum swat mode :confused:

I’m sure the new weapons are functionally fine, I just don’t think the look of any of them fit the Halo universe. Halo’s weapons have always had a distinct look/silhouette and sound to make them easily recognizable in the heat of battle. These new weapons just look and sound generic. The new brute weapon seems cool at least.

honestly I dig the new pistol.

The massive Halo Magnum is iconic but never was my fav tbh. the pistols in ODST and 5 are personally my fav.

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Those both retain some of the design language from the OG Pistol though.

The new one is just pure generic pistol - it’s near enough a straight up rip of a Glock which was designed in the 80s. This is a pistol being used 500 years in the future - they could at least put a tiny amount of effort into making it look interesting.

I would say it actually looks more like a Five-seveN if just a bit more chunky (which would make sense since its made to shoot alien armor) which honestly im completely fine with because the Five-seveN is one of the nicest looking pistols around.

A cool narrative point for the pistol would be that its a pilots handgun. Since the UNSC is gone/in shambles the pilot we have seen give this and the AR that comes with the ship as its all he has to give chief come the first mission

I am going to bump this thread, I would like to make this the place to talk all things Halo. Anything from MCC to Infinite. Big news topics that are thread worthy can get their own threads but if it’s anything like an MCC update, random piece of new Infinite news, it should go in here.


So I need to see more of the weapons in action but Halo doesn’t feel like halo without the CE pistol. It needs to be OP.

Okay. Gareth Coker and Halo is a match made in heaven.


My journey on Halo Infinite started with an email from 343’s Music Supervisor, Joel Yarger, and went from there. He referenced some tracks of mine from the aforementioned games that I’d worked on, and why he liked them, so I could understand why I was being approached to work on the game. After that, he then assigned me a scene from Infinite to write to. I guess Joel and 343 thought I hit the mark, because here we are!

A couple of things we talked about at the beginning of the process was respecting Halo’s musical history while also pushing boundaries to take it forward, which is of course dictated by the story too. Additionally, we went over thematic and motivic development, something I value very highly, and why it’s important to Halo.

Most of all, we talked about capturing the essence of what it means to be Master Chief. It’s not an easy thing to put into words, but when you play the game, it should be felt. It’s something that you learn to recognize when you play a lot of games as I do and you are also actively working on them. Anyway, that kind of ties in to the first half of your question, it is most definitely inspiring to be offered the chance to add to an iconic character’s story through music and most of all to capture the feel of playing as him. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/gareth-coker-sets-a-fire-in-your-heart

Oh, and you could even learn something from the interview.