Halo Infinite. Coming holiday 2021

According to Amazon Halo infinite is coming Holiday 2021. This seems perfect if you ask me, Thanks to gamepass this will be a short wait . There is enough stuff to play anyway.


This is just a placeholder listening and really shouldn’t be taken as any sort of confirmation. I’d argue that maybe the title should be updated to relfect this as well as I intially thought it was officialy confirmation from Microsoft or 343i.


I really hope they give the devs the time they need to make it the best and most ambitous game next gen.

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I absolutely agree, once it was missing launch, there is no need to rush it into Q1 and I could very easily see it drop Fall 2021 at this stage.

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My understanding is that when there isn’t a firm date, some retailers will use 12/31 of the year that the game is expected to launch as a placeholder.

Its a placeholder but I agree, its not coming any earlier than Holiday 2021

Yeah, even AC:Valhalla had the 31/12 (yes dd/mm) date as placeholder but now we know its coming in November

My bet is that whoever edited the website did a Search and replace 2020 -> 2021. And Holiday 2020 became Holiday 2021.


Cmon, they wouldn’t have decided a date so soon after the delay. It’s a placeholder.

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100% placeholder, 100% want it holiday ‘21 to give them as much time as they need.

you legitimately think a game they could have released this november just with worse graphics and a few missing MP modes needs an entire YEAR to finish? this makes no logical sense to me.

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This is wrong

I’m in the camp that its just a placeholder. Will leave the topic open until we get a statement or confirmation.

I’d be fine if Halo was given a full year but I strongly believe they are shooting for the fiscal year still. Microsoft fiscal year ends in June and Halo will have a significant impact on what they report out for year over year Game Pass growth.

A year isn’t enough time to overhaul a content complete game and any more than 6 months of a delay is likely a sign there are bigger issues than textures and pop in. So until we know more, I’m putting all my bets that this game is targeted for May if not sooner.