GTA6 leaked videos/screenshots

These are all just bad ideas. Everything of this would result in even more Youtube videos where entitled manchildren rant about the decisions you make, how bad they are, why no UE5, why you cut stuff censored yourself etc.

You want your dev team to focus on the game and not be disturbed by a rabid fan base.


Really like the look of the game and its setting. Its just a shame that this is a couple of years away and if it already looks this good in a pre alpha build, the final game is going to be amazing and I bet the scope will be too.

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I’m mad. You put me in in the position of defending Rockstar of all companies, but I’ve been reading your shit for days now and can’t stay quiet any longer. Now I really enjoyed GTA5, as I did the more recent Red Dead 2 and eagerly anticipate GTA6, but I don’t feel they owe me anything, or that they’re being scandalous in not doing what we hope for fast enough.

Now you clearly do, so go ahead and be disappointed, but please spare us all this melodrama


I can understand being personally disappointed that one of their (potential) favourite games is delayed but I have never understood the view that a developer owes us anything.

They created a masterpiece that he/she loves, great! But why do these people then demand another one at their own timeframe and why would a developer even listen to that? You wouldn’t do it with any other similar industry.

The bit I hate is when they complain a developer doesn’t show them anything… I mean do they also expect to see early pre-cgi movie footage, early drafts of a new novel or listen to early demo recordings of a band? No.


I think the reason for the politely worded question was that your oft repeated view, however mainstream, is a bit… out there. You’re entitled to it, but even if it is mainstream, it’s not really sensible.

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On GTAF it was said that most of the footage was as old as 2019. And if LegacyKillaHD is telling the truth then his sources at Rockstar said the game has gone through many changes since then, it’s very different now. Exciting!

I really hope it will be 2025 at the latest.

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I just tire of some of the usual internet bashing and outcry. This is not a final game but a game mega early in development and it’s looking very good already and no doubt the scope of the game will be utterly massive too.

I think the game will come late 2024 myself and can’t wait.


An amusing comic on the reactions of some people:


So about that “they’re only a kid” thing…

The criminal arrested plead guilty to violating the terms of their bail conditions, but not guilty to the other charge. They know exactly what they were doing and opt to do it anyways. Reports say he hacked Microsoft and Nvidia before hacking Uber and RockStar.

As for the suspect, it isn’t the first time they have been in trouble with the law. Back in March, BBC News reported on the individual - then just 16 years old - under the headline “Oxford teen accused of being multi-millionaire cyber-criminal”.

The teen was one of seven arrested under suspicion of hacking other high-profile companies such as Microsoft, before bragging about it online.

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