GTA4/5 more next gen then cyberpunk?

I hope next gen instead of only trying to make game more beautiful and bigger, they should improve the simulation aspects and overall detail. I would actually prefer if the next GTA is half the size of GTA5 but crazerly detailed and realistic.

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I got to say that the comparison is a bit unfair, but at the same time I realize that it’s a comparison that CDPR signed up for when they decided to make a game like this.

GTA has undergone a few revisions with its 3D versions. Each engine builds on top of the last (figuratively) with more features and more polished systems.

One of the biggest strengths demonstrated in this video is actually due to technology from Natural Motion (which any developer can license). This is responsible for the natural character and NPC animations along with their physics.

So even if CDPR spent another year making this game, these systems would not compare. We’d still be comparing third generation car physics in GTAV to a first iteration from CDPR.

I’m also sure there was some deliberation on what systems to spend more time on. The language support and realtime generated facial animations and lip syncing, a tech that they invested in to create, surpasses what you see in Rockstar games.

GTA has always been a great sandbox to drive around and then fool around with different weapons seeing how NPCs would react. I don’t think Cyberpunk sought out to be that kind of game, so they invest in their time in other systems. So I don’t think this game would ever compare to GTA in that regard, even if they worked on it for a few more years.

They would stick with very simple systems in these areas to merely serve their greater goal, which is to create a compelling open world narrative. Driving serves only to take you to places and isn’t the core gameplay. Ever since the first Grand Theft Auto, the core of the game is centered around the driving gameplay. The game was always centered on car chases through cities. “Cyberpunk”, as a theme, isn’t centered around that.

I think the games that can compare to GTA in this area, are games that have had multiple sequels. Games like Saint’s Row and Mafia.

But I’m thinking that Cyberpunk 2077 was never meant to compare to GTA in that regard. That said, maybe there’s a baseline of quality that they needed to hit in these areas and it doesn’t match that. If C2077 can’t even compare to Crackdown 1 in these areas, there’s definitely room for improvement.


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