Grounded reaches 10 million players

I don’t care about Avowed. Grounded is a fun game and I hope it becomes even more successful for them though!

obsidian is agreat studio :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: , I tried the Grounded Early Access It was incomplete , but I don’t have the ability or time to wait for it to complete, I think the final version will have a rich content.

How can you not care about Avowed…


I don’t play RPG’s.

Smaller than a juice box or baseball…

I’m in the same boat. I played it a bit when it first hit game pass and loved everything about it but decided to hold off till it is officially released.

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12 people I think.

See, this is what Coffee Shops do to people. tsk tsk

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I was just wondering because I could have sworn Jez said 18 people at one point. I’m wondering if they scaled up enough to tackle a new project themselves, or if they’ll disperse back into the other Obsidian teams.

Well grounded will get cancelled and they’ll get folded to work on Elder Scrolls 6.

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As they should.

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Can’t wait for the full 1.0 release.

Absolutely fantastic, the little time I had with the game was really fun and to see what they added over the time is really awesome. I was following their dev updates and Grounded is has really one of the most civil and nice fanbase I can think of :slight_smile:

I’ve read somewhere it was now at like 30 but can’t remember where I saw that.

I know that it’s a niche game, but it saddens me to see Obsidian having more success with Grounded than with the Pillars of Eternity series.

Still, congratulations to the team! Grounded is pretty good and they deserve all the success, I hope Avowed achieves the same level of success.