Goose Halo


After 13 years, one of the most popular mini-games from Halo 3 comes back to Halo Infinite by the hand of its original creator. Originally named Goose Hunt as being inspired by Duck Hunt (and using a mon-goose instead *badum tss*) through the time it ended being recognized as Halo on Halo or Open Season.


For those who didn’t get the chance to play de original version on 2009, on Goose Hunt everyone spawns on a circular course (Goose players) while a random player spawns in a floating platform in the middle of the halo (Hunter player) and tries to eliminate all the other players with the weapons at its disposal. The geese that get through the end of the course get the chance to kill the hunter.


Goose Halo brings back the original version of the course with some obstacles to overcome, but while the original version had a sniper battle at the end on the Infinite version we have a more satisfying way to get revenge on the hunter.

The original version of Goose Hunt used Infection as the base mode to help getting a random hunter and limiting it to one life since there wasn't any respawn points, but thanks to @Hitbox unKnown we got a script that does the job in a charm using Elimination as base mode. Really appreciated!

Had some projects in line but didn't want to miss the opportunity to bring joy and nostalgia to the community with this recreation since I did the same for Halo: Reach and Halo 4. So here's an early Christmas present for everyone. HAVE FUN!