God of War 5 might be cross gen

Hey great news for those who can’t get a ps5 at the moment


"wE BelieVE iN gEneRATionS"


Lol the biggest lie in sony marketing and people will still defend them that cult is very unhealthy


Tell me about it.

The video of my 5 year old son stepping on the PS5 went viral and there have been many many death threats and calls for doxing. PlayStation community is a toxic cesspool.


U seriously Holy crap sorry to hear that man

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Wonder what a normal day is like for one of those people? Do they get like a mail with what to think and say for that day? Is it more like a hivemind?

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The narrative of ‘PS5=next gen only games and XSX=cross gen only’ never updated in the heads of ppl. In late 2021 and early 2022 that will change as XSX’s next gen only titles show up while Sony still is pushing cross gen stuff.


I think its only halo and Pyschonaunts 2 from XGS that are cross gen

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Yikes. I know what that is like first hand, I’m so sorry. I hope you are all right.

The PS community is built upon hate and toxicity. Vile people.


However bad you think it is; multiply that.

I am so not surprised!

Didn’t Sony recently say they continue to support PS4 for two or three years?

Whereas it seems all upcoming Xbox games are all Series only.


Jesus christ. Unbelievable. A little guy, a kid who stands on a box. People are nuts.

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I think provided it looks great on next gen, it doesn’t matter. I just wish Jim Ryan was more upfront instead of letting MS get crucified and joining in on the bashing just to do what they said they were against. Ah well, no matter. Especially in an economic downturn, more options are always welcome.

That is insane and I am so sorry to hear that. While I’ve had my run ins with some crazy fans, I’ve never had something that bad. They make their whole community look bad. Keep your head high, don’t let them get to you and report as needed. Stay safe my friend.


I mean it is.

Cult of Sony.

I thought this was known?


To the fanboys it may seem ridiculous but financially this is the best Sony can do. 100 million reasons to do cross gen .

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And when I say this I mean the hardcore Sony pillow biters like on N4G

The actual PS4 and PS5 Subreddits are very down to Earth, they like Playstation but they don’t dump on Xbox all day every day and many are multi-console owners.

The behaviour is exactly as a cult, watch documentaries of NXIVM, JonesTown, Scientology, the behavior of people are not different.

I really hope one day someone makes a documentary on gaming culture, its absolutely absurd that developers or people get doxxed, death threats, threatened when they talk against a plastic toy.

Even Sony’s own principal graphic designer, who sent an innocent private message that PS5 isn’t full RDNA 2 was ousted by the community and was told that he can’t publicly talk about Sony anymore.

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Sometimes it seems like certain people get ‘talking points’ for the day and run with it.

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I think this distinction needs to be made. Many of us on here are Xbox as well as Sony fans. But some of the base are absolute zealots who will not accept any criticism of Sony at all.

That is not healthy. And I see it in threads on other forums. To even slighty try and hold Sony to account is tantamount to heresy.


Yep its sad really

What’s this all about???