Gears of War: E-Day new game/prequel with Marcus & Dom

They could definitely pull some emotional strings here with a Mad World campaign. Make people reminiscent of the 360 days. Could definitely work!


No shot Gears 6 launches with the next Xbox. Assuming E-Day is 2026, I can’t see Gears 6 until 2030 at the earliest.

Either way I’m so happy they went in this direction, I’m way more hyped for this than 6.

I’m not gonna lie, ive been down on Gears for a while now and ive said a few times I’d love for them to go back to a Marcus focused game…but i genuinely didn’t think there was a chance they’d actually do it! This trailer was probably the first time since the trilogy days that ive been left with a smile on my face after a Gears trailer!

There’s definitely a lot of potential here, the struggle to deal with one Drone, i wonder if we’re going to feel a bit more “vulnerable” here when we encounter the Locust, at least to begin with. I know Gears is about big action but it would give a fresh experience if they could somehow make encounters with the Locust feel like a real struggle - especially the bigger ones. Seeing their arrival for the first time gives them a chance to lean into a more darker, horror feel as we see the impact Emergence Day has on the city and civilians (and even the COG) in more detail

Graphically it looked strong but again certain insiders probably went way over the top with their hype and teases and whatnot. I know it’s going to cause a bit of controversy them going in this direction but im genuinely excited by it.


There is certain magic to this trailer i cant put my finger on. Not a single line of dialogue, it is just a brilliant piece of storytelling.


I’m happy that they are going back to basics with this one. E-Day is a great backdrop for that. However, I do hope that they finish up the Kait trilogy at some point. I’m not a fan of abandoning a story, particularly one with a cliffhanger. Plus with rumor/speculation that 343 may do the same with Halo, I hope that isn’t a trend going forward.


They already said they weren’t going to abandon the story from 4 and 5, so you don’t have to worry. All of that info is in the story at the top of the thread.

I know that’s what they said, but things can change if E-Day blows up in a big way.

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True, but I still don’t think they would permanently abandon the story from 4 and 5 as they probably want to finish it themselves and they would undoubtedly be hounded by fans about it till the end of time. :smile: