Garden Story announced for Xbox Game Pass. Releases on July 12th

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An announcement trailer for yet another Game Pass, that oddly enough wasn’t in today’s main Game Pass additions post, just dropped on the Xbox YouTube channel.

Garden Story a pixel-art action RPG that previously released on PC and Switch will be releasing on July 12th directly into Game Pass. One thing the trailer did not make clear is if it is only for console or not so we’ll have to keep an eye on that in the coming week.


They are very weird with their communication at Xbox in regards to Game Pass. This, and also Solasta which got a console release today was also not included in the GP drop announcement.

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My guess is they just got the deals finalized before the news stories went up. The official xbox articles for gamepass are written a bit in advanced (like some can be a week or so) and nobody goes and edits it :frowning: