Gamescom 2023: Opening Night Live

Little nightmares 3, are you kidding me?!!

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I got to play these games.

Question is who is the developer.




Double damage that looks like he’s a wrestling fan. Why he had to humiliate the fan base like that…

Last mention out of me.

If I’m not wrong the picture on the right is from Doppelpass, a popular football talk show in Germany.

And the picture on the left is form Schlag den Star, popular challenge gaming show.

Dude is definitely clout chasing.

Black Wukong is rather interesting to see.

Ah there it is!

There is is. AoE4 for Xbox.

I totally thought that dude might be a Swarm. :stuck_out_tongue:

Black Wukong still looked to muddy in action will have to watch upload.

Age of Empires IV, shadow dropped!!


Holy crap! Shadow dropped!


Killing Floor III? I’ve never heard of it, and it’s the third entry in the series? Boggle.

I can’t keep watching this the stream on youtube just lags too often for me.

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Now this is something else. Did not expect that at all


“Sorry that ABK will take a delay. In the meantime, here’s a game.”


Honestly, AoE4 is a banger. Absolute banger. So glad MS are still making AAA strategy games.


I didn’t had time to read at the end of the trailer but my brother said it was “available today” and I didn’t believe him !

What a great surprise !! I love when they do this !!

Honestly feels a bit nostalgic for like ~2010 era to have a new IP be announced as a multimedia universe before the movie is even out. :rofl: