Games you absolutely love but are below 80 for some reason

Who doesn’t know this feeling? A new game comes out and gets a bad score. Then the moment comes you see it in a sale and give it a go. Suddenly you fall in love with this game and question critics.

Well we all have such games I imagine. Show me your favourites! :slight_smile:

I start:

Those who know me probably saw this from a mile away. Sea of Thieves is not just a game I love it is my favourite game of all time. The moments in this game are untouchable.

For me this is the better spider man game but I’m a bit biased :wink: A game that nails the combat of Attack on Titan and let be part of the “Freiheits Kämpfer” obviously has a soft spot in my heart. Game is rather easy but is stacked with content. And most importantly it is a lot fun. (Disclaimer only play it if you watched season 1-3)

I can see the flaws in this game but for some reason I enjoyed every single part of this game. Story was engaging it has a lot variety and some genius gameplay twists. It has a lot content and a fantastic season pass which clearly shows how underrated Compulsion Games is. Also bonus points because it reminds me of Bioshock. Still such a low score is shocking to me.

By me Gravity Rush is easily a high 80 game and I was shocked by this score. Travesal is probably one of the best I ever had and fun gameplay followed by a great story. Amazingly epic too I prefer this much over the second game. No idea how I came to this game in the first place but I don’t regret it in the slightest!

I used opencritic for reference since I dont like meta critics. Though if you like meta it applies in the same way. Intrigued what games are in your list maybe I can find some gems I haven’t played yet ^^


Mass Effecf Andromeda


One of the reasons Xbox games has low scores because it get reviewed on separate consoles (Xbox/ Pc) and another reason because most of them are Gaas elements and gets improvement over years. Media should reevaluate them from time to another and from Microsoft side Should delay PCs version 1 month to get all the reviews on Xbox version.

Some of my favorite games under 80 last decade:

ReCore [63]

Ryse [60]

Bullet Soul X360 [TBA] steam [76]

Crackdown 3 Campaign [60]

SOT Tomb Raider [75]

Kirby & the curse Rainbow [73]

Bound ps4 [71]

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate [73]

My Reviews:

ReCore [83]

Ryse [83]

Bullet Soul [95]

Crackdown 3 Campaign [88]

SOT Tomb Raider [93]

Kirby & the curse Rainbow [93]

Bound ps4 [same]

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate [80]

Bullet Soul easily one of best games last Decade <3


What is Bullet Souls?

Top down Shooter

I’m one of the people who really enjoyed Ryse. I’ve also recently gotten into dead by daylight which has a 71 I believe. Live service games don’t get updated reviews very often. Just like Sea of thieves, I think it would review higher today than when it came out. I know ign re reviewed it but the majority of gaming press didn’t

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Not my favourite genre:D

That is true. Thought I was playing Sea of Thieves since the alpha :smiley: I probably have made it to the 1000 hours mark…

That’s a lot lol. Halo 5 and Killer instinct where two games I put a lot of time into this gen. They weren’t reviewed poorly but they also weren’t super popular. I plan on jumping back into SoT once season 1 starts up

Crackdown 3 comes to my mind too. For some reason Attack on Titan, Gravity Rush and Crackdown have in common how far away the camera is set and how vertical the gameplay is. Coincidence?:thinking:

Crackdown 3 is “Platforming/ Action” game more like Mario than GTA as people thought. Small change like putting a Marvel super hero instead of Terry will clear everything.

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There are so many games I enjoyed regardless the reviews, once I really don’t care about reviews and almost dont follow them it is hard to remember, but some of the most notable mentions would be: Ryse, Mad Max, Mass Effect Andromeda and State of Decay 2 (This one probably one of the my most played games last gen, I love this franchise and the game)

Yeah this was the part I enjoyed the most and during time you get organically upgrades… honestly a really fun game :frowning:


Ryse is a GOAT game. Crackdown 3, too.


I don’t know about absolutely love, but Ryse was certainly underrated. The story is tight, the gameplay is great once you try to predict the moves even before the colour prompt and the graphics still look good today, 7 years later.

I think SoT is a good example of how useless these scores are especially for titles that have been released and updated for several months, let alone years. Kind of frustrating really.

Now if this was a topic about movies, I’d have a list of like hundreds.


I’m just listing Xbox One versions of games

Wasteland 2 Directors Cut, Greedfall, Massive Chalice

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Sonic Generations sits at a 77 on Metacritic, but come on, it’s one of the best modern 3D platformers of the modern era, at least in my opinion. Still replay the levels occasionally and it looks really good on Xbox Series X.

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  • Mount and Blade Warband
  • Sherlock Crimes & Punishment

Had a lot of fun with both of them, can’t convince a single friend to try them

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Review scores in general are dumb imho. They serve no meaningful purpose and only hamper the industry by focusing too much on blockbusters and killing discoverability, to say nothing of the broken incentives system grafted onto MC scores. Knowing what reviewers think about given elements of a game (genre, story, immersion, gameplay loop, longevity) is much more helpful for both gamers and developers looking for feedback. Trying to boil all of these down to a single number throws the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak, because it doesn’t ever reflect how the gamer themselves values those different elements.

In any given genre, most gamers could tell you what elements matter most to them and for each person it might be slightly different. All review scores do is show what the reviewer’s preferences of importance happen to be, which is worthless as a means of conveying anything to broad audiences. Especially since almost nobody bothers to even consider the person writing the review and only focuses on the publication.

A much better system would be to let gamers pick a genre and give weights to the elements themselves as a ‘preference profile’ of sorts. Then have someone aggregate reviews by reading their content (tons of work!) and tag the reviews based on if the reviewer felt the various elements were good or bad. Those tags could then be used with the weights from your ‘preference profile’ to compute a score for the individual.

For example, in horror games I value immersion (visuals/audio/world building) above all else and story would be next. Gameplay is not something that I care much about beyond some interesting puzzles here and there while playing a horror game. Game length should be relatively short for horror titles (again, for my personal tastes), otherwise I get burnt out on the thick atmosphere and grow numb to it.

If I were curious how reviewers felt about Alien Isolation, it’d be great to be able to see reviews that felt it was a bit too long and dragged on, or that felt it did a great job balancing the gameplay design/loop to keep it feeling like a legit survival experience, or see what reviewers thought of the story/characters, or see how impressed everyone was with the immersion in general.

Trying to map subjective impressions from total strangers to a numeric value just feels really misguided to me. If a number system exists at all, it should be built around the preferences of the individual gamer searching for feedback.


Most mainstream media reviewers can’t even play games properly so I don’t care much about scores tbh. Add to that the Xbox-tax and allt the other silly things that get woven into many scores regardless of platform and yeah, it’s pretty useless.

Some very good examples in this thread of too low scoring games, and it’s the same in the other end where the “10/10!” are thrown around at the most undeserving crap.