Games that you want to play but have to sacrifice ei never play to make room/time for other games

I’d wager that most of us here are adults, have full time jobs or go to school, or both…have family, friends, other commitments, hobbies etc

No matter what there’s simply not enough time to play absolutely EVERYTHING that we want. Unless you have a DBZ Hyperbolic time chamber, we all have to make sacrifices and forego certain games.

What games have you had to leave behind? Not a game that you wanted to play, played and didn’t have interest in but a game that you can’t even pick up because of other games and commitments?

For the record, I’m not saying you have to 100% rule these games out ei won’t play them in a few years from now, but more so games that you feel deep down that you’ll never get around to.

For me, games that I’m interested in but likely will never play

Sekiro and Bloodborne. I actually dislike Dark Souls 1 2 and 3, tried them several times and could never get into them. Bloodborne is REALLY fking cool and even though it looks like it uses a lot of Souls mechanics the actual enemy types and combat mechanics look way more engaging and fun than just rolling around in the Souls games

Sekiro also has piqued my interest but I always think about how From Software games are notoriously difficult and its making me nauseous thinking about banging my head against the wall playing Sekiro

Nioh 1 and 2, pretty much same as Sekiro. Right now the only samurai game that I’m probably going to actually play is GOT. Both Nioh and Sekiro are excellent games but they must be sacrificed.

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Persona 5. I want to understand why it’s so beloved. I put in 1 hour and lost patience. Maybe if it comes to Xbox/Xcloud, I’ll give it another shot. Seems Iike the right type of non latency sensitive game to take on the go.

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Good call on persona. I’m also interested to see why it’s so popular but I can’t commit to a 120 hours single player game.

I think I’d put something like Assassins Creed in that bracket for me. I’m generally a MP gamer mainly but I have made more of an effort to play more single player games as of late, but I’ve really been drawn to shorter games such as What Remains of Edith Finch, Battletoads, Gears 5, Ori etc (all on very different ends of the spectrum I know). Mainly because I know that I’ll get them finished in a few hours or at least under 10. However, with my limited game time due to work and general life, I find it difficult to pick up a game that is say 20+ hours long.

I recently started Final Fantasy 7 when it hit GamePass and I’m about 2 hours and I’m thinking to myself, do I want to do this for another 30 hours or so? So now instead, I’m playing Tell Me Why and I’m playing on playing Carrion after that.

Which brings me to Assassins Creed, I’ve never completed a single game in the franchise, and the most recent games (and the upcoming Valhalla) look fantastic, but I know they’re like 40-60 hours games and I just don’t feel like even starting them knowing they’re going to take so long to complete (and therefore I’m unlikely to complete them).

I’d put games like Red Dead 2 in there too.

I’ve finished most AC games except for Unity and yes, I feel that Odyssey is especially drawn out and is a prime example that bigger isn’t always better. Thankfully I’ve heard that Valhalla is going to be much more stream lined and smaller scale. That’s good, I want them to focus on quality and not quantity.

Elder Scrolls Online. I used to play way too many MMOs back in the day, but I simply do not have the time for them anymore. I still play WoW casually, but every time I try to jump back into ESO I end up quitting after a few hours as I just feel overwhelmed.

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I have had the Phoenix Wright Trilogy downloaded on my Switch for over a year now, and I still haven’t gotten around to playing it. I always say I will, but then another game comes out and I play that instead.

This is true for me as well. I game to relax and enjoy my time and immersion. Insane difficulty (as I’ve mentioned in other posts) is what I get from my kid :grin:. This gaming omission is disheartening because I love the atmosphere of all of these games.

I have a tepid concern RDR2 may stay on this list due to scope and pacing with so many other games I need to catch up on. However it may get on the short list as well if a next-gen patch is released.

I don’t know that I’ll ever get around to AC Unity and Syndicate. I loved Black Flag for the seafaring game play but started to lose interest in the modern day snippets (a real draw in the original trilogy for me).

As much as I want some of my younger-self favorite genres to come to Xbox (JRPGs) I’m not sure I’d get to them. Games like Persona or even the FFVII remake (I’ve not been a fan of any FF since my favorite, VI (III in the states originally)). However, I WILL make time if Shin Megami Tensei 3 or 5 ever made it to Xbox.

There are many, many more in danger of being left behind even though I wanted to support the developers and purchased their product. I hope that counts for them in the new era of “engagement as a metric” rather than an actual sale.

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I read something similar actually which made me more interested in Valhalla, will just wait until the reviews are out and some impressions are out.

Football Manager (PC). That game requires so much time it is unbelievable, and so addictive. I’d say you have to be very young (pre-family/serious job) or retired to be able to truly commit to it. Generally if you’re playing it, it isn’t just the only game you’re playing, it is the only thing you’re doing - basically block out a day.

Gears Tactics.

Played the first hour or so, wanted to come back to it. But I just don’t have the time rn. Probably never happening either.

I play too many service games to finish many games each year.

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Pretty much me with most RPG games. It’s hard to know if I should dedicate 40-50 hours to one game especially now when game pass has so many great games.

I think the really good thing about FM is, you can just leave it running in the background. 10 minutes here, then take a break, 10 minutes later, 1 hour later. I love FM but it is a dangerous game to play! I do think it has become overly complex in recent years though.

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Right now its Prey for me. Everytime I get started I immediately get a new game and forget about it.