Gamepass only challenge 2023!


Look at this mounstrosity!!!

First batch

From these ones I’m nearly completing Danganronpa and its freaking awesome so far!! (love monokuma) and Escape Academy turned out to be surprisingly good puzzle game.

Second batch

Recently started Far Cry 5 and oh boy, how I miss when Ubisoft didnt turn everything into mediocre RPG.

Third batch

I havent started anything here besides Pentiment (which so far has had me captivated about what happens next but I’m still in chapter 1) and just looking at Ni no Kuni is enough to give some anxiousness knowing how long it takes (played it on my ps3 when it released) to beat it :,v

Fourth batch

From here I’m certainly Trek to Yomi is ending soon, same with Sniper Elite 5 but its Dark Souls like invasion mode has me addicted to it! Recently started Summerville but so far I’m not “vibing” with it even thought it has an incredibly atmosphere, will give another opportunity later and, well…can you see vampire survivors there? according to the Xbox app I have almost 3 days of hours playing it…and I’ve just recently bought the DLC…

So 56 games and then I have these beauties’ coming in the following 3 months, 4 of these probably will consume a lot of my time:

Someone please add another Sunday to the week!

Lets just say I’m “glad” my pc isn’t able to run next gen games (rocking a gtx 1060 :sunglasses:) because whenever Starfield releases you bet I will put everything on alt until I have at least put hundreds of hours into it.


I may actually join the challenge with the caveat of allowing us to use our MS point to buy games. Game Pass + Backlog will keep me going for a long time. Maybe I’ll get around to playing through my 360 collection.

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Not possible this year with Zelda, SF6, Dead Space remake, RE4, Diablo 4 coming out.

I must say 85% of my time was spent on Gamepass games in 22 though , so its not far off.

2 of those will be on GamePass (dead space, diablo 4).

At the end of the day who even has time for all these games, the GamePass titles will be enough for me. No point in fomoing into buying more games I don’t have time to play especially if they will hit GamePass later

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How’s everyone doing with the challenge ?

Nearly a month in to the year and I’ve not bought a single game ! Feels good.

Tempted by fire emblem and tempted by dead space but I know this will hit GamePass in 6 months.

Easy challenge so far.

Did not even know there was a challenge. Anyways i beat some leaving soon game, i think it was telling lies and donut country lol

I don’t do this on purpose but it works out pretty close for me. Only games I’ve bought in the last couple years have been Pokémon Legends of Arceus and Scarlett.

I’m in a similar boat as OP. Don’t have time to play a ludicrous amount of stuff, most of what I do want to play comes to GamePass eventually as well. Not to mention jumping off that hype/marketing train of “ohh new $70 AAA release is out, have to play Day One etc.” was way easier than I thought. Getting out of that expensive marketing/hype loop was an unintended bonus.