Gamepass only challenge 2023!

As I get older I have even less time to game. Instead of wasting money on games, increasing my backlog and not even finishing most of the games I buy, in 2023 I’ll do something differently.

No new purchases allowed. Only existing backlog and GamePass titles. (Gamepass sub is the only gaming allowed expense for the entire year).

Whose with me ?


Hey it’s a cool idea and I probably would succeed for the rest of this month, but January has Dead Space Remake if all goes well and if it turns out to be polished, not rushed out the door full of issues…I’m buying that badboy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I’m probably destined to get at least Assassin’s Creed Mirage next year. But otherwise at the moment I don’t know of anything that won’t be on Game Pass that I’d bother getting.

I’ve never really gotten into any of Bethesda games before but Starfield looks like it’ll be right up my alley so can imagine at least a month where that’ll be my main thing.

I guess the way around that is to preorder it in 2022 ! Then technically it won’t count as spending in 2023 ! I’ll do the same with Resident evil 4 remake lol

Edit - dead space remake will hit GamePass eventually if you wait

Oh I never preorder anyway, never ever.

True, it will come to Game Pass eventually, but probably longer than a year. BF came to Game Pass a year later, but that game didn’t do well. I can see DS taking longer.

Still I can’t make any promises. Sword of the Vagrant recently came out and it’s only ten bucks, hehe.

I thought EA Play normally had games hit it around the 6 month mark? I guess there is no fixed rule for timing.

And yeah, no way am I doing this. I’ll probably be pretty close to it without trying but I already know games I’ll be buying for Xbox (like Ishin) and will definitely be buying some for PS5 as well.

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Hmmm, I think you’re right about the six months thing. Mass Effect LE was pretty damn soon after release on EA/GP. Wonder why BF took so long, could be all kinds of reasons I guess.

Iv been GP only since like 2017/18/whenever the heck GP started pretty much

It’s been easy and iv never had a shortage of things to play, next year looks to be the easiest year yet


What percentage of games do you beat ?

And Yakuza has a good chance of coming to GP I’d say, I played 0-7 on there.

Imagine trying this with “PlayStation Plus Extra” only…


Or worse, Premium

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I beat most of them, with some exceptions… I tend to fall off Arkane games oddly lol.

Yakuza will likely come eventually, but typically if it’s a game I realllly want and it’s not Day 1 I’ll buy it.

The flip side of this would be if you buy too many games and have a hard time justifying Gamepass.

I’m not really a wait for Gamepass guy so the Day1 titles are important. If a game is several months old and I didn’t buy it on release then I’m looking for a sale. If it’s a game that I’m not willing to buy on sale then chances are I was never really that interested to begin with.

I think day1 MLB the Show is really helpful in justifying the price of Gamepass. That’s $70 in the first half of the year… really helps the “math” for the rest of the year.

There’s definitely plenty games on game pass to do this but I don’t think I could personally manage, for one thing I’m pretty tempted to buy Persona 4 on Switch just for the portability so I’d have lost within 3 weeks :sweat_smile: Maybe if you want a more manageable challenge you could run this the same way as the backlog post - you get points for every game you play on game pass but lose points for playing anything not on game pass and everyone can keep track of the games they play that year and see how much of it they got as part of their monthly subscription.

If you get a steam deck you can install windows and play all GamePass pc titles on there portability

If there was ever a challenge that would be less possible than that backlog challenge, this would definitely be it.

Oh wait, that’s not really true. A Nintendo only challenge would be the challenge to surpass all challenges in which there’s no shot in hell of me making it through this in a week let alone a year. lmao :rofl:

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I reckon I could do this fairly easily. The only games I can remember buying last year are the Witcher 3, which I’m not starting until the update this month and civ 6. I don’t really care about playing the latest and greatest day one and can easily wait. The only game I’m tempted to buy at the moment is rimworld, it’s a game that I can see coming to gamepass though as there is a lot of DLC for sale when people get hooked.

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With how little I play these days, it wouldn’t be a problem.

There’s just that itch I have a few times per year to play some Steam indie simulator/building/strategy games. This year I played Timberborn (which is amazing by the way!) and Airborne Kingdom for my extra shot of indie. Besides the Game Pass game ‘Let’s Build a Zoo’

With Forza Motorsport, Railway Empire 2, Minecraft Legends and the usual late F1 and FIFA games I got enough to play in 2023 just on GP. (Besides some indie darlings I’ll 100% play)

Well we are nearly into the new year, anyone else jumping into the GamePass only challenge ?

Should be easy, incredible year of content coming up for GamePass.