Game of Shame - The Game You Want to Enjoy, But Just Can't Get Into

Call of Duty. Something about the artstyle of COD games really bothers me.

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It’s a wildly different experience with a crew, not even comparable. Having an efficient and fun crew makes the game shine in ways few games do. You never know what the hell is going to happen from one session to the next, you just go where the game takes you.

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I actually just bought all 3 Dark Souls games yesterday.

I played the first 90 minutes of of the first on 360 six different times and have disliked the combat each time due to how slow it is. I’m forcing myself this time. The world is just too much for me to give up.

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  • AC Odyssey: Infinite gameplay loop, boring fetch quests, leveling enemies and boring world to explore.

  • Kingdom Hearts Series: this whole game is stupid and doesn’t make any sense especially Dream Drop Distance. Sora lost some braincells because it has to fit the story.

  • Skyrim: In comparison to Morrowind and Oblivion this is a dumb down version of it. No magic creation, no attributes, all of the guild quests are boring in comparison to Oblivion, no skillcheck like Morrowind. The only good thing in Skyrim is the Dragonborn DLC because you return to Solstheim.

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I started with KH3 and lost interest halfway through because the combat is… bleh.

Going to try the older games this time and see what happens.

KH1 had the best story and KH2 the best gameplay. But even those spin-offs are important to understand the story. And because they have two different teams who are working on KH series you definitely can feel that one team releases games with very unbalanced or boring gameplay. Some story parts doesn’t make any sense.They contradict with each other. Birth by sleep is the game which changes the whole plot in a very bad way. In Birth by sleep you are introduced to 3 new heroes based on the most fragile and fake friendship ever who are boring. Here they add those weird new plot twists which contradict with KH1. They also add a new form of Keyblade which they called x-blade (pronounced Keyblade). I hate this game so much. Gameplay is also broken and if you want to get all achievement you have to fight the most BS Boss ever.

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Fighting Games


red dead 2, hitman series. I’ve tried but just can’t get into them

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KH a dumb series in general. Ive tried but had to stop in BBS.

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So far, my favorite thing about the series is the titles of the games.

Borderline CAPCOM level names there.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By 365 Dream Drops Arcade Sigma Edition****

Splatoon 2, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Doom, Fallout, Red Dead, and Overcooked.

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Don’t be. It’s one of the Top 5 games every created, and I have no reason to like it at all as I’ve never enjoyed a Zelda game and I also don’t like weapon degradation. Didn’t matter.

Hmm this should just be Witcher 3 OT. :joy::joy::joy:


This is why I enjoy Sekiro a lot more, it brought in many QoL improvements over the Dark souls series. You couldn’t even fucking pause in those games and the fanbase lauded that as some sort of extra layer of difficulty which it is not. The fanbase of dark souls is another cancer to deal with that fortunately I haven’t suffered much. It’s just fucking annoying and serves no real challenge.

A few points tho

I love Dark souls level design in the sense of how it’s all interconnected and imprints the whole map into your memory without any need for an actual map, and how the game’s challenge and iteration teaches you how to find new ways to get to places quicker, easier, etc as you play. I know dark souls map better than my actual city and the backtracking although annoying in some ways serves Dark souls in a positive way to me. However it definitely has some issues with how you can fall off or get kicked off the most random places, that can get annoying.

Dark souls does have some aspects to it that make it more artificially difficult and these are some of them that Sekiro either got rid of or just improved upon and wish Elden Ring improves on further.

Some things plague all their games sadly like the camera lol, it can get pretty bad at times.

And I agree with the bonfire system, they’re inconsistently placed and can get particularly annoying if you’re playing a boss and dying repeatedly but just want to get to him or her right away after each try and not wade through the same fucking ten mile corridor every single goddamn time. Sekiro improved on this as well. You might be seeing a pattern with this here haha.

Other than that, yeah, I’m yet to play any other game that does 1 on 1 combat and enemy/boss design as interesting, rich in character design, narrative and gameplay than Fromsoft games, I just don’t see any.

At this point for me, if your game is focused on combat but doesn’t have challenging, fun and badass bosses, it’s just a waste of time.

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Those weird names of KH games actually made sense. :upside_down_face:

Monster Hunter

Always wanted to get into Metal Gear Solid. I really did try. Played as much as I could stomach of 1,2,3 & 4 before finally giving up on the franchise.

A good friend was a huge fan of the games, years ago. I remember watching him play the first 2 & listening to him rave about how brilliant they were. I was intrigued by the unique style & fun looking 3rd person stealth gameplay. It seemed right up my street but whenever I tried to play, I just found it to be a massive chore.

Later, Snake Eater & Guns of the Patriots got huge critical acclaim & I thought it must be me who was wrong. I tried both of them but again, didn’t enjoy a minute of the experience. Plus this time I noticed how ridiculous the story was & just how high the director was on the smell of his own farts. It was absurd, in my opinion.

So yeah, that’s maybe the biggest one I can think of. There are others, like Final Fantasy, where I just don’t see the appeal & think the games are boring. Metal Gear Solid I actually tried to get into though. It wasn’t worth the effort.

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Prey. Keep hearing people saying it is their favourite game. Just gave me a headache, literally, from the motion, and I had no clue what I was meant to be doing. Got about 8 hours in and still had no clue where I was meant to be going.

Game of shame? more like game of Hot Takes: the thread, sadly it all comes down to that in threads like this one.

Anyway some games that I started last gen and then dropped after a few hours and never returned to them are: Κiller Is Dead (I plan on giving this one a second chance though), Gravity Rush 2, The Messenger, The Touryst, The Surge, Resident Evil Revelations, Pathologic 2, Amnesia, Below and Super Time Force.

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Part of the fun😋