Game of Shame - The Game You Want to Enjoy, But Just Can't Get Into

Gaming. The place where imagination is only limited by the player and the scope of the developers. Over multiple decades, games have come a long way and have provided entertainment to the masses. No more so than ever.

Now, everyone has the one game where you were told “Oh, you’ll love this!”, “This is amazing!”, “Must play, GOTY 2019-2077!”, but it just doesn’t grapple you.

For you, what is that game? Or do you have multiple?

I’ll be listing mine in the comments. I have some that I still to this day try to get into and some I’ve just given up on.

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Witcher 3. Easily.


My first game of shame is actually a developer.

Rockstar Games.

I love and truly appreciate what Rockstar has managed to do in the gaming landscape when it comes to sandboxes, story, and being able to make each of their recent releases a complete phenomenon.

Well that’s great and all, but the gameplay is just so… bleh. I just find Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV/V’s combat and controls so dated (which I guess was an internal studio argument for RDR2) even when each of these games were released.

I still pop into GTAV every year or so to see if it grabs me this next time, but it never does. I hope to at least go through the story some point and maybe boost some online stuff, but that is definitely not a priority.

Alas… I did enjoy Bully at least.


Zelda BOTW.

I bought a Switch for this supposedly 10/10 game. It was not. Powered through it eventually after giving up on it many times, constantly annoyed by the breaking weapons, repetitive temples and lack of interesting story.


Witcher 3’s combat (and 2’s for that matter) have turned me off from them a couple of times. I will be trying them again hopefully this year to see if something clicks for me.

This is what worries me when I try BOTW. I hate weapon degradation mechanics (and most survival mechanics. The only time I thought it was okay was in Dead Island.

Eventually some modder gave me a non-breakable weapon in DI anyway which probably helped. lol


As a genre? Fighters.

Another Game Ive tried to play numerous times but fail to stick with it is Red Faction 2. Maybe if I played it back in the 360 days when I loved the demo it would be one of my faves but Ive found it hard to just play it since the remake.

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It took Killer Instinct 2013 for me to really get back into fighting games (and now I play a lot of them). Otherwise, I totally was turned off by fighting games (except for DBZ and Naruto) before KI.

By Red Faction 2, do you mean Armageddon or the original 2? I really like Guerilla though!

Sea of Thieves.

I gave it two chances and I never quite understood what I had to do.

I mean, the map is in the cabin inside the ship, but the steering wheel is up top. Am I supposed to be going back and forth to even know where the hell should I go? Why can’t I take the map with me? What am I missing?


I would definitely say you need to play SoT with others, otherwise its such a chore to play by yourself. I usually end up steering the ship and have at least one other person with me messing around with the sails and map.

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@NierlyCrazy Guerilla

Seems like the kind of game I would had loved to play in the 360 days but now I just kinda find it mindless as Im older.

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First thing that came to mind.


Red Dead Redemption 2.

Early on when you’re robbing the train and an enemy grabs the conductor or one of your buddies (I forgot which) and you have to shoot the enemy, for some odd reason, pressing L2/LT wouldn’t aim the gun and instead, you had to press R2/RT to aim and again to shoot…took me three attempts to get through this shit. I quit the game shortly thereafter.


A cheat for that is you can look over the edge of the upper deck and see the map table if you’re on the smallest boat. But you can’t manipulate the table map from there, so get the map to show what you need it to before you head up to the wheel.

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Doom, Wolfenstein, COD(all of it), GTAV( 4 was the only other one I played and enjoyed) , RDR 1 and 2, Fallout 3/New Vegas(game mechanics feel too dated for me), Witcher 2, Crackdown 1(I enjoyed 3, but I just couldn’t bring myself to play too 1 for more than an hour), Overwatch, Fortnite and a lot of other games.

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I like the setting, graphics and combat of most of the Dark Souls games but HATE some of the stupid mechanics in them.

I HATE respawning enemies - I already killed them go away

I HATE back tracking so much - a way for devs to pad game length without adding new areas

I HATE stupid save and check point systems - let me save anywhere at any time, having to redo half a level to get back to a boss is not good game design it’s just lame and cheap.

Would it kill them to actually write a legible story in any of the games?

I find most of the so called difficulty in the Souls games boil down to bad game design and horrible repetition that I do not enjoy.


We need to talk about this.

Also for me, Witcher 3, Red Dead 1 and 2, GTA - Any of them…


Yes, I avoid those games for the same reasons.


You are missing a crew :wink:

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TLOU, I stopped midway

Gravity Rush 2, I stopped midway :s


Yeah, I know it is a heavy coop-centric game, but it would be nice to at least be able to play the basic stuff solo. I really wanted to play more of the game, but none of my friends are interested on it.

I mean, nowadays even MMORPGs let you play solo. All I’m asking is to be able to look at the map while steering the ship :frowning: