Game of Chicken - Poll

Just for fun and to make it absolutely clear beforehand without the narrative getting changed as people like afterwards, let’s settle this now!

Sony and Microsoft are both holding out to announce the price of their next gen machines. I can already see arguments for either company going first or last as the real winner or better choice. So let’s settle this now before console bias sets in.

Who will be the winner in this game of chicken? The one who is confident enough to go first or the one being tough and seeing it through to the end?

  • The one who goes first!
  • The one who sees it through to the end!

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We all know the real answer, but I’ll vote for fun. (choice not listed)

What’s that? No ons wins? The cheaper one wins, no matter when they announce it? But yeah wanted a straight poll, no kindergarten here :joy:

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Haha, I know, that’s why I took part in the fun :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, I do wonder how brand loyal people really are, I think price does genuinely factor in for a lot of people.

Look at when Sony undercut the Sega saturn with their famous 299 moment and they undercut the Xbox one too.

I hope this game of chicken doesn’t go on too much longer, I just want to preorder my series x haha.

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Thanks for the header!