Future of Xbox Play Anywhere Branding

So with games coming down the pipe that are xbox Series X/S and windows complaint but leaving the one behind like kof and msfs.

I am wondering what will happen with the play anywhere tag.

Will it still be used to show cloud/pc/console or will MS slowly phase out the idea?

It is/was one of my favorite options from ms and is still one of the requirements for me to purchase a game on the windows store.

What do you guys think?

I don’t see them getting rid of it until nearly every game available in the Xbox ecosystem is play anywhere.

Moreover now Bethesda games would be PA hopefully, generally speaking only MS games and indies are PA, Xbox tried some high level deal (RE7, Marvel vs Capcom, Shadow of War, etc…) but imo the MS Store situation slowed down the adoption (also big publishers are generally against cross-buy anyway).

Yeah… I am wondering also how play anywhere works with the pc store situation (12 %)

Id argue it would be inticing to devs if play anywhere set games on xbox to 12% instead of 30%