Forza Motorsport 7 Delisting September 15th

Yes, and for basically any racing game with licensed cars (NFS, GRID, Dirt, Outrun, etc.). They make a deal with the car manufacturers that they are allowed to sell the game for a specific amount of time. This is why none of the games prior to FM7 and FH4 are for sale on the store anymore. Luckily disc copies are still widely available!

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the only solution is to ensure there’s a cracked version which exists and it’ll help preserve the game forever. :wink:

Unless as Spiderlink says MS brings it to Games with Gold. Then that version as long as you have Gold will stay forever ours. I hope MS does this. :slight_smile:

Is there a easy way to check if I bought a game or not? I am pretty sure me and my bro bought FH4 but I am snot 100% sure it’s not just the GP version we got.

I saw this on another forum:

Hopefully, it’s indicative.

As for your question, you can check your library on the Xbox app:

Hope that helps!


Forza Horizon 3 was not part of GwG when it was delisted last year :frowning:

And if they were going to do it with FM7, it would have been during August. That’s been the previous pattern. Plus they wouldn’t bait a bunch of people into buying it on sale only to have it be free a month later.

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Nuts :frowning:

They didn’t for Forza Horizon 3 last year and I doubt they’ll do for Forza Motorsport 7 in September.

I already have the Ultimate Edition so I’m already good. But it sucks that once it’s delisted there’ll be no other Forza Motorsport game to buy.

Wonder how they will handle this with the next FM.

That reminds me, I redeemed FM5 and FH2 when they were GWG years ago but since last year I noticed neither game shows up in my library wtf. Has this happened to anyone else?

Also I need to buy FH4 but I’m waiting for a deeper discount for the version with all the DLC.

The next FM is apparently going to be built as more of an ongoing platform so I imagine they will be negotiating longer, or perhaps even indefinite, deals. Or maybe individual cars will get delisted from the game after 4 years and new cars will take their places? We will see.

I have the same issue with FM5. It does not show up in my GWG Library tab on the console. But, if you look up the game in the store, I am able to install and play it. Something weird is definitely going on with it but at least it still works. Can’t test with FH2 because I forgot to claim it when it was GWG, which I’m still kicking myself for! :frowning: I still have my disc copy but it would be nice to have a digital copy too.

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Does the ultimate bundle include all the DLC? I see that’s only $20 and half tempted to purchase that even though I already own the base game.

preservation has noting to do with this. if you enter your code from a FM7 card or insert a disc into your Xbox Series X in 5 years it will still download, install and run your game.

I think so. You may have to grab some of the spotlight cars for Formula Drift or something. They are free for everyone but will also be delisted.

Yes, but what if someone already have standard edition? DLCs sale would good as well.

Oh I completely agree and am in the same boat, but looking at the DLC included in the ultimate SKU, it’s cheaper to just get the bundle instead of buying the DLC individually.

It may also be worth waiting as new items may go on sale closer to the delisting date.

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They are indeed giving the game away to people that played the game on Game Pass and bought DLC for it. Maybe that’s why the DLC are not discounted


That would definitely make sense and it makes things a lot easier so we shouldn’t have to worry about the whole game being delisted.

I tried looking at the store for both games and they say they’re not available for purchase :pensive: That sucks you couldn’t get FH2, I know how you feel cuz I missed claiming FH1. Maybe I’ll just buy them on disk.