For those on the fence for Next-Gen, what do Microsoft/Sony need to do to win you over?

As it personally stands, I am on board with the Series X and barring a $800 USD price-tag, I’m going for it for launch.

For PS5, however, I still need to see a bit more. Personally, I’d like to see at least 4 from the list, and must see the first one (ordered in list of importance to me):

  1. A Price Tag of $500 USD or less for the disc version.
  2. A great launch lineup with a diverse set of genres and games
  3. Full backwards-compatibility with PS3 (likely in my dreams)
  4. A big Multiplayer title for the launch window (if SOCOM is true then awesome)
  5. PlayStation Studios games day one on PSNOW
  6. PlayStation Studios games on PSNOW for as long as possible (until expiry of license or in perpetuity)
  7. PS+ Goes Free
  8. A matte-black PS5 is released at launch
  9. Most non-cinematic games hit 4K/60
  10. A New Uncharted Game
  11. Returnal in Year 1 (Q4 2020 to Q4 2021)
  12. Destruction All-Stars in Year 1
  13. Sackboy in Year 1
  14. Modnation Racers comes back
  15. PS+ Games are upped to 4 (2 PS4, 2 PS5)

Ps5- ape escape 1/2 remaster, get toys for Bob to do it. (honestly surprised that sackboy got another game and ape escape has been forgotten even after the twitter teasing) :frowning: & a black variant console, the white console would just look hideous in my bedroom.

Xbox series x - I’ll be there, with a love that’s true. Just call my name and I’ll be there day one ;D


I’m getting an XSX because of these slow assed disc drives.

Sony would need to fundamentally change direction away from a lot of the games that make them money cause I don’t like them. Plus make PS Now like Gamepass. Plus stop being dicks.


I’m doing PC for the first few months probably either way. Ps5 won’t have any big bangers until 2021 that make it worth it, I don’t have a good enough panel to take advantage of series x and I’m not sure of the Aussie product availability

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Sony needs to show me they are going to respect my digital purchases with a clear road map on how they plan on future proofing their BC “efforts”.

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I’ll say that #8 is probably your best bet. Rest are unlikely in my opinion but good luck.

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With backwards compatibility becoming a norm it’s getting harder and harder to switch systems. My Xbox digital library is too big to even think about getting a Playstation first. Plus, Game Pass > any avenger.

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Going tbh and say that I was always going to buy day 1, more because it’s just what I do and I definitely get the full value overtime anyway. With that said if I wasn’t like that and genuinely looked at next gen and needed to be won over then neither would have me reeled in just yet.

For Microsoft

  • Show me the 5 to 10 new games I’ll be playing month 1 or 2 using gamepass and show me why I want to play them on series X and not on either Xbox One or PS5. That’s the biggest issue they’ve yet to overcome imo, there’s almost zero reasons to buy the system day 1 if you already own a pc, Xbox one, or plan to buy a ps5. They’ve shown why you want one eventually but not why you want one now.

For PlayStation it’s all about

  • PlayStations biggest strength is their breath of known quality IP and ability to crank out multiple hits at once with next to known dry spells but right now just like almost every PlayStation launch it looks like the dry spell comes up front. Sure, they’ve showed me games I want to play but they haven’t showed me when they come out, and the few they have given dates for are next year. That’s an issue. You don’t want to buy a new machine and play only games from the old one, I mix is fine but having just Spider-Man and Godfall which you can play on pc isn’t enough to make me desire a ps5. Give me dates.

Xbox - big gamepass initiative i want more AAA games in the service More BC 360 / original xbox games More BC improvements such as more 4k titles and 60fps where applicable

Sony - games that aren’t 3rd person over the shoulder action adventure it just seems to be too many of those I’m burnt out on those.

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If Sony goes all in on psnow like Microsoft does with gamepass, that would sway me to their camp. Microsoft currently has me because of gamepass and a stronger machine, and some unreasonable love for Xbox, but, in my country, PlayStation is the console having like 80-90% of share in my estimates. I enjoy Sony exclusive games a lot, they just suit my preferences. I also enjoy Microsoft ones, and I’ve played 80-90% of all exclusives on both platforms, but I just prefer Sony ones.

Price will also be a very big factor in it, but I think both will come out at 499 so it evens out.

So it just boils down to having a more compelling product, giving me best for the buck.

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Not saying I’m on the fence BUT I’m fairly irritated by Xbox right now. The debacle over the false live rumours. If you want to make gamers the centre then stop artificially charging Xbox gamers for multiplayer and treating us as second class citizens to PC. The PC is already getting stuff launching first from Xbox. It’s hard to argue that Xbox is now seen as a second class.

Then I’m annoyed that it’s August and they haven’t shown any Xbox gameplay. At all. Sony showed a whole conference in June running on PS5 hardware. This is just frustrating. I will buy the series X but they are getting this so so wrong now.

Finally the exclusive content issue - we know Sony are making aggressive moves and we know these work for Sony and that Xbox probably is priced out of this. But they need to do something to stop the feeling some have that we are feeding on scraps for the next 18 months…

I am sold on Series X at any price. Sony however needs to bring something like gamepass to the table before I buy a PS5. PSNOW is not even available in my country and from what I understand you also do not get the new Sony games day 1 on it. They need to shape up and rework PSNow to be closer to gamepass and have actual world wide support for it.

The games that have launched for pc first have always been pc centric games and need time to be converted to a controller setup. As for xbox live I’m pretty sure they said it won’t be free at this time, who knows how long before it actually becomes free that’s still a possibility.

The argument they are PC focussed games is fine but then Xbox focussed games still release day and date on PC. I have no issue with this at all. I’m just saying that if they want to put me the gamer at the centre and truly make that claim then they need to offer advantages to Xbox over other platforms. And At the very least balance PC and Xbox by removing the MP paywall on their console.

Xbox nothing really, game pass is such a great value. Sony nothing as well but my only complaint with the PS5 is the console design itself. It’s hideous IMO.

Last PS HW I bought were the fat and slim PS3. I will be getting 3 XBX when it open for preorder, one for each of the TVs, and my S & X will be retired back into their box or for display.

For me upgrading to the new gen is a no brainer, I can sell my mid gens so next gen does not cost me much. The first few years of a new gen no game really changes much and this gen its going to be even more so because of diminishing returns. However I hope we see improvements in NPC and world realism, NPCs and game worlds have such glaring videogame traits, I hope instead of devs building bigger and longer games they build smaller games but with more depth, I would like if GTA6 was about 1/2 the landmass of GTA5 but lots of islands seperated by miles of ocean and the islands and NPCs were all incrediblely detailed and lifelike (things like destructable environments, realistic NPC reactions, realistic infrastructure and economy (realistic police, full routine of NPCs where they work doing real jobs and go home and cook and stuff). I dont even care if the visuals are on the same level as RDR2 I just want a game to have a real sense of place and feel alive and unpredictable .

I’m already getting a SX. Sony needs to release a pro version that can compete with SX and not look hideous for me to get a PS5.

I’m definitely getting an Xbox. Sony would need to show some games worth playing. Only one that’s interesting is Ratchet, no interest in the dark soul type games and a dlc Spider-Man’s not worth it. They’d need to show me an Uncharted/Last of Us type game coming within a year. Otherwise I’ll wait and maybe buy it later. Until then I’ll play my Xbox and Switch.

Splinter Cell.


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