Five Volumes of IREM Classics Set to Launch on Xbox Consoles

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Inin Games, Tozai Games, and IREM have announced a collaboration to release IREM’s classic PC Engine and arcade board games on Xbox consoles. Coming in sets of five volumes, the first will launch with Image Fight, Image Fight II, and X Multiply, these collections aim to bring titles of old to new audiences. And for many in the West, a chance to play some games that were only available in Japan.

Have a gander at the gallery and press release below for more information. The first volume is set to launch at the end of the year.

Dust off your arcade skills: ININ Games, Tozai and IREM join forces to release IREM Collections! The first volume hits consoles by the end of the year!
Stuttgart, Germany – April 25, 2023 – Hold onto your gaming seats, because we’ve got some news that’s going to blow your mind! ININ Games, Tozai Games and IREM have joined forces to launch a powerful, unsurpassed new collaboration! The dynamic trio is set to release an IREM Collection, consisting of five volumes of games, some of which have never been released in the West before. This Collection is set to delight retro gaming enthusiasts and introduce a new wave of gamers to these classic titles, ensuring that the thrill of these iconic games will be passed down for generations to come. Strap in and prepare to unlock the vaults of classic arcade gaming!

IREM gained its international claim to fame through their iconic 1980s arcade games. However, many IREM titles never made it outside of Japan… until now.

The first IREM volume will contain Image Fight, Image Fight II, and X Multiply on PS4/5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

Image Fight: Relive the golden age of shoot-em-up arcade games as you play a pilot fighting against an alien invasion. This collection also contains Image Fight in its 1990 PC Engine version (previously only available in Japan), and the 1990 NES version (sold in Japan and North America).
Image Fight II: Dive deeper into the narrative with new enemies, improved graphics and gameplay.
X Multiply: Explore a new biological world with unique gameplay mechanics – such as tentacles that can be used as weapons or a shield.

Plunge into these classic titles with stimulating gameplay, nostalgic graphics and an unforgettable soundtrack!

IREM Collection Press Release


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