First-person Platformer 'Hirilun' Hits Xbox Consoles December 15

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Developer Gone Mad Studios and publisher Ratalaika Games announced that their upcoming competitive fast-paced first-person platformer ‘Hirilun’ will be coming to Xbox consoles on the 15th of December.

Run, jump and glide your way through the city of shadows, whilst keeping an eye out for the power-ups scattered throughout the levels. By grabbing these will give you the edge and, who knows, will help you with conquering the leaderboards.


If you like a competitive challenge and a fast paced game then look no further than Hirilun. You are in a dark and strange city, full of hidden places and high buildings. Although anyone can get in, only the fastest will achieve fame all contestants seek…


Hirilun is best described as a time-trial-based first-person platformer in which you explore a dark and strange landscape. Run, jump, glide, sprint and dash to achieve the best possible time, and compete with your friends on the worldwide leaderboards. You will need to move very quickly, running and jumping nonstop, going through all the checkpoints, and reaching your goal is far from easy.

Only the fastest will be heralded!

Getting it right
Each level has a multitude of different paths; which will be the fastest one? You’ll have to find out… Collecting the experiences that you will find along the way will make your timer stop temporarily. Still, it may not always be worth the detour…Compete with your friends and against players worldwide. The leaderboards are updated daily!

Six maps make up the setting for the game and collecting items throughout as the world spins and speed is required to make for a very immersive experience. The fact that the pathway to success is not a linear formula adds to great replayability!

Platforming is the main essence of Hirilun and being able to move at speed, jump, contort and manoeuvre, sometimes at impressive distance, to collect items is implemented with consummate ease that allows players to focus on the challenge/s ahead.

Fast Gameplay
Top Challenge
A platformer with a difference
Lots of hidden elements
Race against the clock
Skill required!!
Great music
Intense time trials

Have a gander at the trailer and screenshots below for more information on Hirilun. Check out the game on the Xbox Store by going over here.

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