Even more Bethesda content receives permanent price drops on the Microsoft Store

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2021/07/13/even-more-bethesda-content-receives-permanent-price-drops-on-the-microsoft-store/

A couple of days ago we reported that a small selection of Bethesda titles had received a permanent price drops on the Microsoft Store. Dishonored 2, Fallout 4 and Wolfenstein: Youngblood (both the Standard and Deluxe Editions) got their prices cut by a range from 25% up to 33%.

At the time, many of our followers asked if the DLCs for those games had also received a price drop β€” which, unfortunately, was not the case… until now!

DLCs for those three games are now being sold at a lower price, as well as bundles that include Prey, Skyrim: Special Edition and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

And yes, you can grab them at an even lower price if you have an active Game Pass subscription! Check out the new prices below:


That Dishonored and Prey collection sells for like $30 physical. That price absurd.

Most of those prices are absurd. The good thing about those price drops is that future digital sales will be 75% off $80 instead of $100, reaching new lowest prices

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Yeah, its currently $21.99 on Amazon in the US.

Amazon.com: Dishonored and Prey: The Arkane Collection - Xbox One: Video Games

And the Wolfenstein Alternate History one is $28.99 Amazon.com: Wolfenstein: The Alternative History Collection - Xbox One: Video Games

I have to say, I am all digital, but sometimes I get pretty jealous of physical pricing.

Both Wolfenstein and Arkane collections have been discounted to $30 before on the Microsoft Store. With those new low prices we should see them hitting $20 soon

I own all of them already.


Anyone played the Freedom Chronicles for Wolfenstein 2? Just curious if it’s worth a punt.

I have. Not a ton of meaningful story, but good levels. Just not worth the initial asking price. I got it on sale for like $3 and was happy as a clam. Can’t say no to more Wolfenstein.

The future is $70 games.

Did you play all 3 DLCs? How long are each?

Yes. About an hour a piece.

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Fallout 4 is a Β£5 game as well.