Elden Ring - The Odyssey is coming to an end!

The legend, the myth, the game. Is the time finally upon us?

Is Geoff Keighley getting free from gamer prison?

Rejoice brothers and sisters and praise the sun!

Ohhhhhh Elden Ring!


So I’m a pleb and totally out of the loop about the 'Ohhhhh’ thing. Please explain

It’s part of the trailer lol

We are part of an Elden Ring cult. We are obsessed with it. The ohhhh thing is part of it :rofl:


Geoff hasn’t teased it since Jeff Grubb said it would be there? I haven’t really seen any tweets by Geoff regarding that. Well not here, i rarely visit Twitter myself.

He is getting out of that prison it seems :rofl:

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What releases first…

  • Elden Ring

  • George RR Martin’s next book in the Ice and Fire series

  • Elder Scrolls VI

I bet 1000 euros on Elden Ring.

George R R Martin’s next book will release with TES 7. :slightly_smiling_face:

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