Elden Ring, Grand Theft Auto V and more appear to be coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2022/08/10/elden-ring-grand-theft-auto-v-and-more-appear-to-be-coming-to-xbox-cloud-gaming/

More games seem to be coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming as spotted by members of the gaming community. A few of these games include Elden Ring, Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V, and others.

As of now the only games available to play via the Cloud are games available on Xbox Game Pass with the exception of Fortnite which is the first free to play game to ever come to the service. Xbox had announced earlier this year that they were planning to bring more games to the cloud outside of the Game Pass ecosystem including free to play games and games players already own.

Xbox has continued to expand their Cloud Gaming offering and it is has resulted in an increase in time played. Xbox announced a few weeks back that Cloud Gaming playtime had increased 1800% year over year and that the team is continuing to improve the service. With more popular games joining the service like Grand Theft Auto 5, the numbers of players playing via the Cloud should continue to climb.


Phil read my comment.


They’re finding more:

This is a game changer, and as soon as Microsoft ups the streaming resolution (1440 or 4k please) this will.hit critical mass.


Throw in Warzone 2 after the acquisition in the same f2p teir as Fortnite, Halo Infinite, maybe Apex legends, Fallguys and other f2p games and Xcloud popularity will hit an all time high.

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Trying not to read too much into it until we hear something official, but this is pretty exciting! I really hope that we can have the majority of our libraries accessible. I wonder if they would expand touch controls to games which aren’t on GP.

Is this real ?

I would say definitely fake, but it could also be a deal worked out with steam or Sony to stream your PC library through Xcloud.

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I wonder why they haven’t done that with Halo though. Fortnite got F2P cloud access faster than Halo. I guess they wanted to promote it more?

My guess fortnite is the test app for f2p streaming, being as big as it is Fortnite caused issues and Microsoft than had to do the work get a good experience for customers.

Maybe because Fortnite already has touch control configurations.

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Touch controls is the future

Imagine Diablo 4 and Warzone 2 on xCloud

Anytime would be game time

And they had an underserved market on iOS devices so they were itching to reach that.

Oh man, I already think that being able to stream some of my Xbox library would be cool. Throwing Steam on top of that would be absolutely insane. It’s surely fake though, like you say.