Elden Ring for people that don't like Souls games

Lol. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’ll like this if you don’t like souls

This game will be a more refined soulsborne but with open world structure.

I love souls games. Already pre ordered premium collectors for series x.

Just so you know, you don’t need to find a bonfire in Dark Souls to quit playing. If you go to the menu and choose quit, it will save your game where you currently are, and you’ll resume from that location.

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One thing I won’t do is refer the genre as SoulsBorne

Bllodbourne is just one title. And yes, there are differences, obviously, like Sekiro had and Elden Ring will. And like how all the non-From copycats have their differences

But they’re all Souls-Like



This drives me absolutely mad.

When a game introduces mechanics or systems that go onto be influential, the game they originated in get honoured in the naming. In this case, it was the Souls series, so the genre is Soulslike.

You don’t just add in the name of a game in that genre from six years later because you happen to like it. Or let’s be honest, my suspicion has always been it’s because it was a PS4 exclusive some tried to make ‘Soulsborne’ a thing.

The only legitimate conflation is Metroidvania because the two games coincidentally came up with similar ideas and launched a couple of months apart. They were developed at the same time by different developers so neither copied the other.


The idea works when it’s MetroidVania, because those are two long standing franchises, with a lot of entries and history. Also made by two completely different companies. And it was like only in the last 20 years that we started to refer to games like those under that name

It does NOT work for Soulsborne, IMO. As there were already 3 Souls games out, before Bloodborne even released and it was made by the same Devs in very similar fashion. So it’s a Souls game


It’s not just that Metroid and Castlevania have been around for a long time, it’s that the original games came out a couple of months apart in 1986.

They were too close in release and too ambitious games to believe one saw the other and copied it (can’t remember which came first, but remember they were very close, might even have been one the month after the other).

Both games introduced explorable worlds that opened up as you unlocked new abilities through play. This ended up being an influential idea, so Metroidvania was fair as it recognised both.

That’s a good point

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It should be called SoulSekiroBorneRing now

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Well I hate a pretty particular aspect of souls games. I like the combat, art design, setting and many other things I just REALLTY HATE the forced back tracking and repetitive nature of a lot of these mechanics.

An actual open world RPG should not have alot of these mechanics in souls games that I hate so I’m holding out hope the game will be more in line with normal RPG’s then a direct Souls copy of all mechanics

Yeah, I am sure everyone noticed. :rofl:

Elden Ring will have all those things that you HATE. You either accept those design decisions and move on or continue to avoid those games, don’t expect a “normal RPG” (whatever that means) from Elden Ring.


Press impressions, with gameplay just started going up 15 minutes ago…

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Some of the impressions sound good, the Dragon Dogma comparisons are good as I really liked that game. Just hope the game goes easy on repetition and backtracking for no reason.

I like the comments about exploration being encouraged that is something that the Dark souls games seemed to punish you for.

Hmm Dark Souls games don’t really “punish” you for exploration, but make some of it a tad more challenging, and that challenge comes with grander rewards you can’t get on the golden path.

But Elden Ring looks like its traversal and general design would allow you to get into or out of most situations scot-free unlike the Souls games which are slow and maze-like as fuck lol



good news, in Elden Ring, if you die near a boss or something, you get an option of respawning at the last bonfire or a much closer temporary point

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Just watched Skill ups video on Elden Ring and it has me excited. He talked about how magic can be used and game is more accessible

I love hearing that. It seems like a really cool world to explore and the game being a bit easier if you want it to is honey to my ears.

I will definitely keep an eye on it now

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Starfield vs Elden Ring for 2022 Goty, 2022 is going to be great year for people

for the game awards it’ll be halo vs. elden ring vs. starfield vs. who knows how many others. going to be a nutty year


So some of the new things pointed out are good, respawn near bosses, ample places to save etc.

One thing I have not heard is when you die do you have to backtrack to find your equipment drops? I hope not I also hate that stupid mechanic. That would be horrible in an open world RPG if all your carried equipment got stranded somewhere and you had to plow through respwaning enemies to get it back.

I also hope it supports quick resume on Series X

Like previous souls games, you’ll only lose your ‘souls’ (which you would use to upgrade and buy stuff) when you die, not any items in your inventory.