EA Sports reveals College Football 25

I really don’t think there is anything more to it than Exhibition Play and Regular Seasons are just presumed features in any sports game at this point and there isnt any reason to highlight it specifically.

Thanks guys.

I’m thinking that “Road to the College Football Playoff” is what im looking for but the part that says “a new way to play competitively and represent your favorite team” sounds like this is for multi-player as opposed to single player but it doesn’t say anything about online or multi-player so im hoping this is the mode that im looking for.

I think the game will have what you are actually looking for. Its not referenced because its not a “mode” per se.

On the plus side, if you have Game Pass Ultimate you should be able to download the 10 hour trial of it to makes sure it has what you want.

I forgot all about the 10 hour trials EA gives for it’s sports games. Was going to sign up for Game Pass Console around the 10th for Flintlock but now, I’ll just sign up for Ultimate so I can try out the College Football 25 game. Thanks Searsy.


If it plays like madden 24 I’m fucking out

Nah it plays faster and you can break tackles easier

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