EA confirms NCAAF will return for the first time since 2014


EA on a tear today.

Holy shit!!! Wasn’t ever expecting EA to bring back NCAA since they didn’t want to pay for the license years ago.

Nothing with licensing rights but more to do with player images/rights and a hole lot of non gaming stuff.

If they could add players to NCAA, that would be massive.

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Not going to lie, this is probably the best gaming related thing I’ve heard in a long time. It made no sense for it to go away (I understand the issues at the time, but they could have found a workaround).

Seriously, awesome F***ing news!! :metal:

I’ve wanted this so much but I am very curious/skeptical about how this will actually turn out; we don’t know what to expect as the series has been gone for a whole generation, and its not like EA has a sterling record even if the NCAA games were always better than Madden.

Without player likeness this seems like a bad idea, if they end up not being able to get actual players on the teams this will come off as a an amateur effort.

They never really had player likenesses though. Players would have the same skin color and general attributes, but their names were always different. If you’re talking about using actual player’s pictures and real names, I guess you could have a point, but I honestly wouldn’t care as I just want this series to come back. :smile:

Games have never had player likeness.

Guess I forgot it’s been so long, either way I hope they find a way to have something similar to the best players in the League each year.

That’s part of why this went away - likeness is subjective. Having a football player with the same #, position, weight, height, college year can easily be argued as likeness. Despite not having a name or image, I sure as hell know who Reggie Bush is on NCAA 06. But to answer this, as long as they have the schools, stadiums, etc. it doesn’t need exact players names. They could totally randomize players looks and it would be fine, even if a little odd.

That was my argument at the time. Just make everything random, and do it in a way that could be provable in the event of a lawsuit. I won’t speak for others, but I couldn’t give less of a shit if the players in the game resemble in any way the players in real life.

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