EA Access for PC is coming soon to Steam

This is interesting.

Do you guys think if this is happening, we could also see Game Pass PC coming to Steam or will it always be its own app?

EA Access is like a light version of Origin Premiere. If you want to bring Game Pass to Steam, it would be like that. Only Microsoft published titles. Don’t know if that’s interesting enough at the moment, especially looking at how well MS games are selling while a full subscription is available on the Microsoft Store.

I’m not sure if MS wants to further splinter their sub offerings. They already have a different content selection on xCloud, PC and console. Having a Game Pass Light on Steam would make things even more confusing for consumers.

I think they should focus on improving the Microsoft Store. A company like Microsoft should be able to compete with Steam and Epic with the offering they have. Their software is just really lacking.

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Why is that off-topic? That is quite a gaming topic I would say


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