Dying Light 2 stream showcases Co-op gameplay, console comparisons, and new gameplay

Originally published at: https://xboxera.com/2022/01/13/dying-light-2-stream-showcases-co-op-gameplay-console-comparisons-and-new-gameplay/

The final episode of developer Techland’s final “Dying 2 Know” is up on YouTube showcasing Co-op gameplay and the first look at the game running on Console systems. You can find the episode linked above.

Dying Light 2 releases on February 4th, 2022 on Xbox consoles and PC.


Nice!! Was waiting for the YouTube version. Video added.


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I added this to the Dying Light 2 topic I created a year ago so if you want to merge them, feel free. :smiley:

We’re in general going to make new threads for all news stories moving forward.


Okay, cool.

Looking really good. I’m very happy for the team, they are sad it’s done but also happy and I get that.

The video of all console versions looked really good too. The PS4 and Xbox One X Look very smooth too, it almost looks 60fps to me, but that can’t be.

They’ll be showing more footage of last generation versions later this month. I will post those videos in the DL 2 OT once they get posted.


But it’s going to be all about that sweet 60fps goodness for me. So glad DL2 will be 60fps. It was a delight to play DL with FPS boost.

Agreed. I was hoping for a Performance RT mode but that looks like it’s not happening so I will go with the 60FPS mode and sacrifice the Ray Tracing.

This actually doesn’t look half bad @peter42O :wink:

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I signed up to do a review, fingers crossed we make the cut because I loved the first one and can’t wait to give this one a go.

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Im very tempted to buy this day one. I love the first one. However crosfire and elden ring are the same month. such a hard choice. I feel like if I get this as well ill be on it well past elden rign release date. Such a hard choice

Yeah, I’m super hyped!!! Been waiting years for it since it was first revealed at Microsoft’s E3 2018 Briefing. Visuals looks great and the melee combat/gameplay looks to be the best I have seen in a first person game since Dishonored 2. Can’t wait to explore The City and entire map that Techland built!!

Nice!! I first played DL when it launched in 2015 and it didn’t click so I dropped it. Gave it a second chance a year later with the enhanced edition and ended up loving the base game and enjoyed The Following expansion as well. Been a fan ever since. 2022 kicks off for me with one of most anticipated games ever that is now, only three weeks away!!!

You can always wait for reviews and impressions. I’m day one with the digital ultimate edition as im all in. Both Elden Ring and Crossfire X are on my list as well but neither of them have my interest or anticipation like Dying Light 2 does. Really hyped for it!!