Dusk Golem doubles down on Xbox Series X being cheaper than PS5

Dusk golem reiterates what he said before even after all the backlash hes doubling down on the fact that Xbox series x is cheaper than ps5 and he said that ps5 struggles with 4k titles so expect “fake 4k” on titles and Xbox won’t have this problem


The cost of going fast :eyes:


i believe

XSX US 449 XSS US 299


Yea sounds believable but we’ll see and thats just nuts quite the reversal of this generation

I think earlier he said MS had enough leg room in price that they could undercut the PS5 if they wanted to.

I’m taking his words with salt but hopefully we’ll soon I guess

People have been speculating this for a little while now. The SSD tech (and cooling) isn’t cheap.

I’m sticking with the 549, 499 price point for the PS5 and PS5D.

I think a loooot of people are setting themselves up for disappointment expecting anything less than 500 for these consoles.

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Phil Spencer himself said he has the full backing from Microsoft to be flexible with price, so it is not too much of a stretch to be believable. I guess we will see soon enough.

If this does happen I don’t think that Sony will be hurt by it at all. Part of it are the exclusives of course, but for some others reasons that I don’t understand I believe that there is a brand loyalty for the PlayStation now that makes them immune to any mistakes that would really hurt any other console maker.

None of that matters. People would dump Sony like they did with the PS3. People are loyal to their pockets.


I disagree, I don’t think that a replay of the PS3 is possible regardless of what Sony does, maybe we’ll get to see if that is true.

For some, Dusk Golem is only reliable when he spreads good PS5 news. Lol. Otherwise it is nonsense. :risi:

Stages of denial engaged!

Anyway, as I said:

XSX 349/399$ XSS 199/249$

Upping a bit more my predictions about PS5’s prices:

PS5 All Digital Edition 449/499$ PS5 Standard Edition 499/549$

Not entirely true considering this generation, imo. Digital games (and libraries) are as big as they’ve ever been.

Now you have to convince someone that has 50+ games tied to one ecosystem to abandon all of that, and move on to something new.

At the same time, if we talk people who only buy maybe 1-2 games per year, or families, I don’t think they are too deep into either ecosystem. I think they could go for the less expensive, especially now with the pandemic.

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Pretty big news, if true. Great for me, as I’ve planned on a Series X all along.

I don’t disagree, but the PS4 attach rate is around 10. If you’re getting a new console, why spend more for less? No one has to sell their PS4. Someone with 50+ games is never giving up that no matter what MS does.

Cool I guess. We shall see what happens.


It is weird and kind of like a cult. PS5 will be technically weaker and cost more but still sell more and these factors will be defended because “Sony”. It makes no sense to me how the priorities of the gaming world shift instantly to put Sony in a good light.


Well this is why gamepass is great, a small fee gives you a huge instant library of games. Eases the cost of switching eco systems.

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The timing behind the price announcements will be key to how this plays out. That’s why he only speaks about possibilities. I’m sure both companies know this and that’s why we are seeing this game of chicken with the announcement. Makes me wonder if one of the plans Shinobi said is pushed until next month is the Series S with the price reveal. Microsoft hasn’t really made the strongest case yet for the Series X power advantage, so it doesn’t make sense to reveal a weaker system until they can also reveal the price to justify it.

The next couple of months could get very interesting.

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Strange that Sony would spend so much on storage when games will end up looking better on the Series X. Could have spent the same amount on the GPU.

If this is true, maybe this is the reason that Sony is scrambling to make all these third party deals?