Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Coming to Game Pass on Day One

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One - Xbox Wire.

Gameplay trailer for those who want to see more of this game before dropping 40 bucks on it, oh wait:


Dang, this thing looks really cool. Xbox Game Pass is definitely the place to play with friends going forward no doubt, wow.


Glad this is coming to Game Pass as I was interested but not enough to get it day one, and now I can play through it with friends. Love how there’s always something new to play.

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Too old!

I’ll give this a go with friends, looks interesting enough.

Hopefully it’s fun.

I hope you can turn off that terrible screen shake that happens with every single move.


Awesome, I was on the fence about buying this one, love the OG game and this one looked decent but wasn’t sure i wanted to pay full price.

Gamepass comes and saves the day again.

Not sure I’ll be able to perusade my friends to play this, but I’m always happy about co-op games coming to the service. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s up with devs and camera shake nowadays? It’s horrible.

The devs have confirmed it is being tweaked and you can even turn off the camera shake.



Another amazing Day One get for Game Pass. Was thinking about getting it Day One, but wasn’t sure. Game Pass made the decision for me lol. Can’t wait to try this out with some friends! :slight_smile:


My brother and I had been eyeing buying this game, glad I won’t have to now!