Drew Murray Leaves The Initiative


“It’s been extraordinary working shoulder-to-shoulder with such a talented and experienced team, many of whom are great friends now, but my life outside of work needs more attention and headspace than I have been able to give it lately, so I’m stepping down from my role.”


In case anyone was wondering he had a death in his family last month. Best to him, dude is very cool guy on Twitter and super talented

I don’t doubt that they’ll welcome him back if he ever decides to return.


That’s terrible to hear. I know it is often the case that ppl throw around the whole ‘need more time with family’ stuff as a PR cover for bailing, so that context helps clear things up a bit!

Yeah the dude also lost his brother in 2019.

Hope he pulls through :frowning:


wishing him the best, stay strong!


So sad the reason why he felt the need to stand down, but good for him that he is able to, being with his family and friends and looking after his mental health is paramount.

Mental heath is important.

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All the best, Drew.

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