Dream collab game - Activision/Blizzard/Bethesda/XGS

With the abundance of studios at hand for Microsoft what is your dream collab game between multiple studios (two or more)?

In the past Fallout isometric games have been turned based combat. A Fallout themed hack n slash isometric game (similar to Diablo) developed by Blizzard and inXile could be something different to try. Hard to go past Blizzard as the kings of the hack n slash genre and after what inXile did with Wasteland 3 I’d want them on this game for the characters and humour. Reminded me a lot of the earlier Fallout games.


A Warcraft 3D (not 3rd person XD) RPG made by BGS, a Starcraft FPS made by id Software and a kart racer with all the combined IPs made by Turn10/PG.


This would probably have to be a sequel or a prequel or something that sets it far away from the existing Gears of War setting, but I’d very much like an open world Gears game with some RPG mechanics like leveling, crafting, armour and weapon mods, etc.

Developed by Bethesda or Arkane or Obsidian, or maybe jointly by The Coalition and one of those other ones.

I just really like the Gears universe and its sensibilities, but my favourite type of game is open world RPGs. So combining the two would definitely be something I’d be into.

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Radical entertainment works with Arkane to give us Third person dishonored game

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I think it would be cool to see Starcraft Ghost resurrected as a third-person shooter/action game in the modern Tomb Raider style, but sci-fi. Maybe this could be The Initiative’s next project after Perfect Dark.

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