Dragon Quest Builders 2 coming to Xbox / Windows 10 (Launching May 4th on Xbox Game Pass)

I think I bought this on Switch when I first bought my Switch and played it for a bit, I liked it but stopped playing my Switch for a while lol, would love to pick it back up on GP.

Nice, will be checking this out. I should really get around to finishing Dragon Quest IX.

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Here is the confirmation by Game Pass twitter account :


I played the first game on the Switch and loved it! Looking forward to play it day one on Game Pass.

Now let’s hope for more Square Enix games coming to Xbox and Game Pass.

Another nice get for Game Pass and Xbox! Nice to see some Asian games launching on the service, I’m enjoying Octopath Traveler quite a bit. This one’s not for me (tried the demo on Switch) but I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy it!

I honestly forgot this game existed. Definitely will give a go on Gamepass, looks like a lot of fun.


I don’t care that I already beat this game on my Switch a year and a half ago, I’m just so happy to see this kind of game coming over! And on Game Pass no less, you guys better all download it! I’m for sure buying it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I had a ton of fun with this game (despite not being very creative) aside from a few annoying quirks, and it was a lot more enjoyable than the first one. If you’re up for it, I recommend playing Dragon Quest 2 since it builds off of that game’s story . It’s five bucks on Android and possibly iOS and possibly Switch.

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Nice. I played the demo for it on Switch along with the first game, I didn’t buy them though. Glad I didn’t because this has the season pass included.

Interesting how it’s not priced the same as DQXIS, but it’s also 5 pounds cheaper than the PS4, Steam and Switch versions.

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Ah, this is a good addition to the service.

This looks very cool and has the full package of content, Play Anywhere, cloud enabled, Game Pass. Go Xbox ecosystem again!


How is this game?

Everyone who likes Minecraft or is even slightly interested in that genre needs to play this! It’s such a fun game. I have it on Steam, but look forward to playing again on Series X with some friends.


Never played it.

I liked it a fair bit. Don’t really get games like Minecraft either, if that’s any indicator.

Good to hear. Minecraft bores me. But i love DQXI.

I haven’t played much Minecraft to be honest, since as far as I know it’s mostly “here’s a sandbox, go nuts” and that makes my brain freeze up. This game has a plot and multiple setpieces. You’re encouraged to do your own building, especially in your hub world but as far as I can remember it isn’t too demanding. You also acquire tools throughout that make building easier so you don’t have to place every block yourself.

Not sure how different that is from Minecraft.

The core mechanics is similar but heres the difference which is why i’m interested…its built around an actual structure and the minecraft style gameplay merges with the traditional RPG style gameplay(minus the rather basic looking combat). But progressions follows traditional RPGs

I respect Minecraft and why people love it. Its just go and do your stuff kind of game. For me…i just get bored doing that stuff because theres no real reward. Also i cannot get on board with the low polygon graphics. It never ever did it for me.

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It sounds like we feel the same way about Minecraft. Based on what you’ve said, I think that DQB2 will be more your speed. I am biased as a big DQ fan though!

Love this.


Played the first game on my Switch and now playing the second on my Series S. I’m loving it!