DOOM Patrol. Are you watching it?

If the answer is no, why?

No, I’m watching high quality television instead. Watching Dark on Netflix. :wink:

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Dark is great, love it. DOOM Patrol is just as high quality.

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I need to start S2, really liked S1 back on DCU.

I like Doom Patrol when it gets very wierd, but it spends a lot of time being overly dramatic. Robot man yells and screams too much. Everybody seems to be stuck in a holding pattern where they identified their traumas but now nothing happens and they just keep repeating themselves and angsting over them.

Still watching but there’s a finite amount of this I can take unless people start really developing more.

Liking the 2nd season, but I dont think it hit the highs that S1 did at all. I know Covid had a big influence on things, as I think this upcoming Episode 9 is the finale, but I still prefer the first season.

Clicked on this expecting a doom version of paw patrol, left disappointed.