Doom Eternal Ancient Gods dlc

Anybody played the dlc yet I have finished it and it is fun as heck but boy was it difficult


I’m playing through it these days. It’s really hardcore, that’s for sure. Takes very much for granted that you are good at Doom Eternal and that you want more of a challenge, I mean 4 fights in the game’s already throwing the two most difficult regular enemies at you haha.

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Playing on Nightmare and this is definitely a step above Nightmare on campaign…this is definitely a higher difficulty setting, enemy accuracy and aggression is a step above for sure. Not complaining though, battles are so intense and challenging that require a high level play from the player which is a thing that we don’t see often nowadays from a AAA game. The only games that I played that come close to The Ancient Gods on Nightmare are Ninja Gaiden 2 on Master Ninja and Vanquish on God Hard…like holy shit Hugo. When you see a Marauder and you are like “oh cool! time to slow down and relax a bit” you realize that this expansion is something special.

I also really loved the 1st stage both in terms of visual and level design (reminded me a bit of 2016’s style), second stage also looks really cool with completely different aesthetics and some cool new twists in terms of level design. Can’t wait to play more tonight! :nerd_face:


Been debating on buying this dlc :slight_smile: What’s the verdict on it so far?

I think the dlc is totally amazing

  • really love the new big complex levels (unique environments to)
  • great challenging encounters
  • better story than doom eternal imo
  • great music (the new composers do an amazing job)

I would only really like more

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Trying to avoid spoilers since I’m still playing the main game but any chance that this gets on Game Pass eventually, since it’s kind of a standalone thing?

If it can be played on its own, then yeah, it should. But it might be awhile, the sale doesn’t finalize for a long time.

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Thanks for the answer! I waited this long for Doom Eternal without knowing for sure that it would come so I’m able to wait :grin:

Having a ton of fun with this game, I hope the DLC is just as good!

The Ancient Gods is the perfect expansion for those who loved the game and wanted more challenge. If you liked the later levels of the campaign with the more tense battles go for it!

Haven’t played as much as I would’ve liked the past few days but I made some progress at the second level and my god this expansion…combat encounters are kicking my ass big time on Nightmare but they are amazing. GOTY 2020 confirmed again! :nerd_face: