Digital Foundry: Xbox Series X Indie Showcase: The Falconeer + The Touryst Push High-End Display Features


Nice seeing some smaller titles get the spotlight. Falconeer is on my radar.

Actual XSX footage of Falconeer now? I’m gonna watch this. DF always delivers.

Both games looks great. I hope more and more indie games are 120FPS.

DF compared it to Rogue Squadron. Nice! and it reminds me of the great Crimson Skies as well. Hopefully the story is a decent length, because this might be a launch pick up for me.

It’s really nice to see Falconeer again… … But I really want to see enhance backwards compatibility right now <3

They seemed pretty impressed with The Falconeer. This will end up being the sleeper launch title hit.


Falconeer is on my radar, getting the game day one. Glad DF liked what they saw.